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New Imperial Census

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
With the site dying, and the GI merger, I would like to see who is around. Every member please post here.

Name: <Character name>
Affiliation: <Government/Reki/Civilian>
Rank: <Characters IC and/or Force rank>


Name: Rasmus Bridjek
Affiliation: Government (Military)
Rank: Colonel

Qhorin Solas

Name: Cronos Aegir; 'Marcus Terran'
Affiliation: Government
Rank: Inquisitor; 'Special Agent'

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
Name: Mirien Valdier Cover ID: Rebecca Novar
Affiliation: Government
Rank: Grand Inquisitor / Operations Officer

Tirdarius said:
Rank: Master (No formal rank assigned)
We'll get you one assigned soon. Also need to get the nobody expects the Inquisition page back up, so we can get moving. I'd only just replied when everything went to hell on site =(