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Faction New Group Created - United Siskeen Coalition

Viceroy of Siskeen
Derek Dib has created a new group called United Siskeen Coalition.

Long has the Siskeen System fell to the powers that be that guided their fate and destiny with heavy hands upon the yoke of slavery. Long has her sons and daughters joined the battles of those who commanded complete obedience. And long has the Siskeen System been left empty of control, deemed of little importance on the grand scale of the Galaxy.

Until the newest iteration of the Confederacy of Independent Systems ushered a new era onto the system.

A new identity belonging to an old premise vitalized by new direction of leadership. Quickly they received their viceroy, Derek Dib, and very soon the union of the man and the system affected them both. Hopeful purpose inspired the system and united the disparate planets into a coalition, to work together united under a single cause and principle.

Yet often their attempts at friendship, trade agreement, and humanitarian assistance would find issues with the umbrella influence of the Confederacy. Ideals and principles would shift until all Siskeeni felt the chafing under the benevolent Confederacy.

Finally, a choice was upon them. Were they they to follow the rules of law governed by the Confederacy or were they to rise upon their own feet and make their way forward of their own accord, guided by their principles, convictions, and morality into an uncertain future.

Destiny beckons ...