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Faction New Group Created - League of Sanctified Steel

Lilith Morden has created a new group called League of Sanctified Steel.

The League of Sanctified Steel (usually abbreviated as LSS) is an Esstrani spiritual technocratic military order located throughout the galaxy and operates primarily through the Tingel Arm through to the Deep Core, contracting its' services as a mercenary organization. Its' roots and history are unclear although its' oldest members and own organizational history state it was formed in the aftermath of the gulag plague and charged itself with the responsibility of protecting the Esstran sector from such horrible calamity again through the development, cataloguing and safeguarding of vital and sophisticated technology vital to the survival of interstellar civilization along with the maintenance of an independent armed force.

Its' military traditions and training has its' roots in the ancient Sith Empires and preceding Esstran feudal societies. The League is ultimately loyal to Esstran and desire politically to see their home liberated from the Sith who have developed extraordinarily dangerous technology, bred monstrous “unholy” Sithspawn and constructed planet-devastating superweapons in the past and wielded all with reckless abandon which the League of Esstran finds utterly unacceptable. Though small in terms of its' sheer numbers the League of Esstran seeks to broadly influence galactic events.

As a military order the League features a strictly enforced hierarchy and chain of command with mandated obedience towards superiors, avoiding links in the chain of command is unacceptable save for the purpose of reporting inappropriate conduct of one’s immediate superior. Officers may be challenged by their immediate subordinate to a duel of honor when the subordinate believes their superior is unfit for leadership the resultant challenge is fought to third blood in the tradition of the Esstran Sith Worlds to determine who is the more skilled and cunning warrior with the defeated receiving a significant reduction in rank.

Featuring their own centuries-old tradition and mythology the League of Sanctified Steel’s ethos, dogma and ethics overrides any old oaths or loyalties its’ members might have possessed giving them a newfound sense of identity and camaraderie. Though it seems to only be a military order the League of Sanctified Steel possesses a complex civilian society and mixed economy that generates significant profit for the military order. Even though its' constituent members enjoy a high standard of living all necessary equipment, supplies and amenities are provided to personnel without charge by the League to Defender Corps and Sentinel FLeet as seen in a professional paramilitary or military organization.

Every member of the League is issued with necessary rations and supplies to maintain their hygiene and health. All issued equipment especially armor and weaponry is serialized and tracked appropriately minimizing the risk of loss and foul play from the League’s constituent members. The League of Sanctified Steel maintains both digital and analogue records for posterity and security, a lesson hard learned after the Gulag Plague ravaged the universe.
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