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  • City Name: New Exo
  • Classification: Urban Center
  • Location: Exocron
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Coalition
  • Demographics: The Demographics of New Exo are mixed. After thousands of years of being a hidden world in the backwaters of the Kathol Rift, there was a large immigration boom. This also coincides with the races leftover from the Moross Crusade days.
  • Human 50%
  • Vali 10%
  • Exonad 20%
  • Ukaabblian 20%
  • Wealth: Medium. As a trade hub for the last stop before the real uncharted territories and a melting pot of culture and industry the city enjoys quite a bit of trade. It also serves as the primary spot fro landing and exiting in the system.
  • Stability: High. There is no major quarrels among the sectors of the city. The denizens are tired of war. Their economy consists primarily off trade and innovation. A large influence is due to the Ukaablian and Exonad populations working to build the center of their world into something better. Where the human populace is mostly frontiersmen and traders, the Ukaablian are dedicated to medical tech and the preservation of life.
  • Description: At a glance New Exo appears as a a sprawling low level encampment. Most of its sectors are arranged in a circle around the city center. This makes separation from the wild lands and defence of the center easier for the citizenry. In addition only four spires rise above the skyline. Made primarily of duracrete, durasteel and plexi glass in the center, the city takes on a much more rugged look as you near the edges. Little shanty sectors and more suburban type areas begin to appear. The architecture is low clustered buildings nearest the center, laid out in a natural flow, progressing to less solid buildings near the wilds. Trees, fountains and gardens adorn much of the cobblestone walk ways and there are few flying craft through the air.

-Central Exo: Central Exo is the heart of the city. It contains a small fortress, A Government Rotunda and a main forum where folks can meet and share the news of the day. Everything routes through the Center of City, all air lanes , roads and utilities.

-The Medical Sector: Populated primarily by Ukaablians, the Medical Sector is a network of clinics, Hospitals and a major research lab that studies and conducts ethical experiments on Sentients. Some believe they may have even figured out a way to grow bacta in a hydroponic stasis. The experiments and services offered are useful for wayward Spacers and ORC interests.

- The Mech District: Here is primarily where the Vali live. Given their nature as mindless robots, it has a mix of Humanoids as well. The industrial sector has some factories, though not many. The emphasis has been on starship manufacture and repair as well as basic prefabricated shelters for further colonization of space beyond the frontier. The Vali seem to like their work here. The Humanoids try and keep the area clean, with renewable energy sources and almost zero emissions.

- Tii Gardens: A sect of Aing-Tii Monks used to live on Exocron. When New Exo was built many of them migrated back, keeping themselves holed up here. This sector of the city is hardly visited by any who are not invited, and is protected by powerful force illusions. Folks and items can be hidden here if it coincides with the Monks agenda or they are friends of the Monks. Most of the buildings here are simple, made of stone and earth. The Gardens themselves host a variety of species, including Ankarres, all fed and maintained via natural soil and force meditation.

-Red Star District: Lost long ago to small clubs, rich Cantinas and a cultural Quagmire, Red Star district is the darkest place in the city. with run down buildings and shady alleys it is generally avoided by those who are not hardened folk. There is a thriving black market here as well as a few swoop gangs who compete for turf. As long as folks leave them alone, they leave the rest of the city alone. The Underground also maintains a considerable presence here among the riff raff as an insurance policy of resistance against attackers and launching pad for operations in nearby planets.

-Wyvern Enclave: A smaller more secluded section next to Tii Gardens houses an ancient sect of Jal'Shey practitioners. They enjoy a great friendship with the Aing-Tii and generally keep to themselves. Most of their work is done in the forges which are the central part of Enclave. The buildings here are mostly low, flat and vine encrusted. Small forests have sprang into existence around their area, keeping them further secluded and bound to nature.

Commerce Sector- This is a unique area of the City. Housing the largest towers, four spires with floor and floor of company offices. The Commerce sector also houses the primary starport of the world and several warehouses and docks. It is also connected to the Ocean, which allows old school shipping of goods to and from far off wilderness outposts.

Beggars Row- The poor part of town, but also the most cultured. Beggars row is a shanty that rings the wall around the circular city. It is composed of Frontier folk hawking pelts, trading posts, cantinas and simple dwellings. Most of the outer ring is inundated with forests and large vines that creep and crawl over the ramshackle structures. You can see wooden homes here, steel or even earthworks.

The Wall- The one thing that stands between the city and would be invaders or the wilds is the all. Manned by Exocron Rangers: whom are simply volunteer soldiers or Frontiers folk, the wall is a twenty foot tall structure of steel reinforced stone. Natural vies run up and down it on both sides, and it sports rotary Kinetic Cannon emplacements every twenty feet.


New Exo has been a small city in the making since the Moross Crusade. When the crusaders disbanded and the planet as left to its own devices Exocron sought out more fertile lands to colonize. Having only a small population a trade posts was formed along the ocean near the northern pole of the planet. Over time it began to grow as its wealth grew, adding on new sectors every year.

By the time the Kathol Outback came to power in the sector most of city was already developed, minus the all. When they were reconnected to the main space lanes new tech gave them a boom in industry. As a result of the small wars and scuffles throughout Outback space many species moved closer to the frontier to get away from the main civilized galaxy. Immigrants and leftover races mixed, ideas flowed and cultures melted down.

They formed loose alliances with a representative from every sector participating in the City Counsel. The Aiing-Tii monks returned and claimed there own spot among the Circular city, followed by the Jal'Shey and some rogue Jedi. The frontiers men quickly became a factor, travelling often to sell and move their pelts and resupply for expeditions. A large contingent of Smugglers and Spacers touched down as well, setting up their own little holds within the Red Star District as well as Beggars Row.

With so much going on it was easy for Companies to swoop in and sell to their diverse demographics. With new industry, wealth and populace the city boomed. Walls were the last part erected, built to protect their little paradise from unwelcome guests. As the sector came together they adopted the libertarian mindset of the Outer Rim Coalition, seeking to live in harmony and non aggression with each other. The city can be characterized now as a loose alliance of diverse peoples and creeds, working together to keep Exocron Clean and beautiful as well as advance their own collective interests.
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