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Approved Tech Neural Distortion Beam

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Laira Darkhold

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Intent: To create a “Counter” to the mass use of Ysalamiri, but it will also effect other animals of similar/lesser size
Image Source: None
Canon Link: Electromagnetic Field Generator | Subsonic Field Emitter
Primary Source:
Manufacturer: Tricks of the Trade
Affiliation: Closed Market
Model: MK1
Modularity: No
Production: Limited
  • Electromagnetic Field Generator
  • Duraplast
  • Electronics
Classification: Electromagnetic Field Generator
Size: Large (Vehicle Mounted)
Weight: Heavy
Ammunition Type: Energy Consumption
Ammunition Capacity: Unlimited, so long as the vehicle has power
Reload Speed: None
Effective Range: Average
Rate of Fire: Continuous Cone
Stopping Power: None
Recoil: None

  • Rodent Repellent: Much like the small, personal use Subsonic Field Emitter, this weapon is designed to scramble the nervous systems of small non/semi-sentient animals. In most cases, this causes them to want to immediately leave the area affected, develop headaches, and increased risk of neural defects and cancer over the course of their life, however it has notable effects on small creatures with hiveminds, those that communicate with various forms of telepathy causing interference with their nervous systems thus preventing those abilities.
    Most importantly, this would cause Ysalamiri Colonies to be unable to passively link together in order to expand the bubbles of Force Nullification. The bubbles still exist, however instead of expanding to incredible ranges, there are just a ton of localized Ten Meter Force nullification bubbles.
  • Raid: On small insects (think beetle/bee sized) it has the potential to kill them by disrupting the electromagnetic fields that help their organs function.
  • Non-Lethal: The beam doesn’t kill anything, at least not directly. There is a slight increased chance of cancer and developing neural defects, but only slightly after prolonged contact (Days at a time).
  • Size Constraints: The beam is designed to affect small creatures, 70 or less centimeters or less in length. It doesn’t have noticeable effects on larger subjects and sentient beings seem to be able to overcome its intentional effects, though it may still cause headaches.
  • Shields Down: The Shields of the vehicle the system is mounted on must be deactivated lest they interfere with the field generators mechanism, though the field does pass through other barriers.
The Bral. The Mircin. Some guy just having a ton of Ysalamiri in a box. Some crazy Jedi decided to become Ant-man and controls swarms of piranha beetles. These are all problems that can be solved with the EM Field Neural Distortion Beam.

The Neural Distortion Beam emits an electromagnetic cone set to a low frequency which causes discomfort in smaller animals, causing the electromagnetic field that helps control their bodily functions to malfunction. Some animals may lose control of their bowels, feel the sensation of itching all across their body, their hearts skip beats, and lacking the ability to focus. Most animals would immediately want to leave that area as swiftly as possible.

But, the neural distortion was intended for use on Ysalamir, specifically on whole colonies of Ysalamiri. When one gathers Ysalamiri together, their ability to nullify the effects of the Force become amplified. This ability is known to be passive and involuntary, as when one has an active Ysalamiri it is maintaining its bubble and when several are placed together, even if unaware of each other, their bubbles expand anyway. This implies several things, first that even though they Nullify the Force, they are still able to sense one another even if unwittingly so. Second, even while nullifying the Force they can work together, owing to a shared mental connection likely attributed to the Force itself.

Using low-frequency Electromagnetic Fields have been known to disrupt the mental faculties of animals for millennia, and even extremely low power pulses can cause hive minds to break down and become disorganized. In this manner, the Distortion Beam emits a cone that causes the Ysalamiri to lose connection with one another, gaining its name from its ability to distort the EM field within their brains ever so slightly so that the bio-electrical pulses that make up thought and control involuntary muscles and neural functions become erratic, destabilizing their ability to amplify one another’s fields of effect. While they are not killed and are otherwise fully capable of producing their nullification field, a colony creates a number of overlapping bubbles. Instead on one Kilometer wide bubble a Bral would create dozens or hundreds of ten meter bubbles around itself.

As a note, this would have very limited effects on individual ysalamiri. They'd be uncomfortable and in pain, but would otherwise continue to function as expected.

The weapon system is meant to be mounted on vehicles roughly the size of an AT-AT or AT-TE and fires a cone of effect in one direction (Normally about 20 degrees wide) which affects all creatures of the appropriate size in the affected area, regardless of shielding or barriers with a few exceptions (Degaussed materials, Neuranium, Electromagnetic Shielding, etc). The beam is able to be maintained so long as the vehicle is able to provide it power, however that vehicle is unable to maintain its shields while the weapon system is active.
Hello! I'll be judging your submission this evening.

So I really enjoy seeing creative weaponry like this, however I'm going to need to see some things ironed out. The main thing keeping me from stamping this with an approval is I can't find any article on Wookiepedia or otherwise, stating that Yslamari cannot produce their nullification fields when under neural stress. It seems you're assuming that the Ysalamari need a neural connection to expand their field, but I cannot find that information. All I see is that their proximity is what causes the field to expand, it says nothing about them having a neural connection.

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Laira Darkhold

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Well, you aren't going to find it on the Wookiee. For one the Wookiee is a bare bones summary with less than 500 words despite having ~30 sources.

But, its an animal and its bodily functions are carried out by its brain (even involuntary functions like its heart beat, breathing, and its force bubble). Across various sources Here pg 131, it denotes the Field and the connection to be involuntary functions the Ysalamiri has no control over. The brain can't chose to stop its heart from beating, it also can't chose to stop the bubble. However, they are able to communicate involuntarily (you place multiple nutrient pods, the Ysalamiri have no other senses that can detect one another, no communication outside the Force, yet they are able to work together). The Force is controlled by the Brain, involuntarily or not.

If you take a look at some of the sources I've linked, exposure to Electromagnetic fields can throw off a biological beings bio-electrical field (all living animals have one of these) which control their body. Its not mental stress, its literally scrambling their bodies ability to function, in this case a very minor way.

It prevents them from being able to amplify one another. That's the balancing aspect I chose. A strong enough EM field could theoretically kill them (YND Source), or prevent them from using the bubble at all (Brain functions disturbed, etc) but I chose a middle ground.

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