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Neskar A'toll

Neskar A'toll

Hail to the King, baby
Neskar A'toll
NAME: Neskar A'toll
FACTION: None as yet
RANK: Mercenary for hire.
SPECIES: Corellian-born, Mandalorian-raised and trained
AGE: 23​
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 196cm (6'5'')
WEIGHT: 86kg (Not including armour)
EYES: Dark blue​
HAIR: Dark brown
SKIN: Pale white


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Adequately strong, able to use all kinds of melee weapons and capable of hauling large loads.​
+ Incredibly accurate with ranged weaponry, particularly medium to long-range rifles.​
+ Perceptive due to his Mandalorian training.​
+ Skilled pilot.​
+ Fearsome reputation as a bounty hunter and a mercenary.​
- Remorseless, carrying almost no moral qualms about his contracts and work.​
- Unwilling to commit to mistakes.​
- Ruthless and almost cruel in his methods.
- Dislikes prolonged interaction, a solitary character.​
- Does not forget slights, and can lead to almost fanatical attempts to get revenge​
Neskar is, at first look, a very tall man. Standing at nearly 6' 6'', clad in his beskar'gam, he is a very intimidating looking warrior, aiding him on the field where just his stature alone scares other potential combatants. The majority of the time, he has the classic "T" helmet of the Mandalorian, on his head, but under the helm, he has medium length, dark brown hair, somewhat curly, and deep blue azure eyes, cold and piercing to the wrong people. His body, worn and tempered from the years of training and bounty hunting, is defined and muscular, adding to the frightening stature of Neskar.​
Neskar A'toll was born to a merchant woman and a passing Mandalorian mercenary - Nelkyir A'toll - twenty-three years ago, on the Planet of Corellia. Growing up with his mother until the age of six, when she died of a fever. Scavenging on the streets and plazas of Corellia for nigh on two years, acquiring the tricks and deception used by the urchins to steal food, money and whatnot, that would aid him dearly in the future, Neskar had the fortune to run into his father again, returning to Corellia after hearing about the death of the woman he once loved. Nelkyir took it upon himself to take his son with him, back to Mandalore to teach him the Mandalorian ways. And so it was, Neskar learnt the ways of the Mandalorians and adored it. By the age of twelve, he was already a crack-shot, accompanying his father on bounties and the occasional skirmish. He was no stranger to war and death by then, and had learnt the harsh way that war was the past, present and future of the galaxy. Forging his unique purple and burgundy beskar'gam at the age of 16, he had already made a name for himself in the galaxy's dark corners, having a reputation for taking the dirty contracts, the ones that were deemed too dangerous or unsafe to perform by lesser men, and for doing it with a ruthless, almost robotic efficiency. His father, Nelkyir, died at the age of thirty-nine, on the fields of a moon in some obscure region, dead by the hands of what seemed like a clean assassin. Neskar was eighteen, a man grown, and deemed himself worthy of not just equalling his father, but bettering him in all aspects, as to not meet an end like him.​
For five years since, Neskar has grown into an almost bitter man, infamous for his dark humour and grim, stoic nature on the job, as well as his exuberance and excess in drink whenever not killing people. He has become tired of bounties and odd-jobs, and wishes to make something of himself, perhaps even help people. A wide range of opportunities await him in the galaxy, and the time for boldness is now.​