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Natasha Darkstar


That one kid


Quiet: Natasha is quiet, and while she isn't by any means an expert like Strask, she isn't bad at sneaking around.

Unassertive: As an ex-slave, Natasha has some image issues. She's not confidant in herself or her abilities.
Weakling: Nat isn't a fighter. At all.
Allergic to Bacta: The last time Natasha was treated with Bacta, her body rejected it, and she spent a week vomiting up anything she tried to eat.

Young and thin, Natasha is by no means extraordinary. Simplistic, and not entirely trying to look better than she is, she certainly won't stand out in any crowd.

A slave at birth, Natasha spent her early years as a servant girl in a Hutt's palace, before being sold off at auction to a Bothan man. She was scared at first, he had paid an exprbitant dsum of money for her, and even talked down a Jedi to claim her. She didn't want to disappoint him. But when they were aboard his ship, she was told that she was free. The news was a shock, and she didn't understand, not for a while. But he offered for her to work with him. She took him up on it, with no where else to go.

As she served as Strask's assistant, she began to understand more and more about his occupation and slowly picked up her own skills. Now, with him dead, she's on her own to find her place. And possibly, her freedom.

Nightwing-class starfighter

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