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Natalia Syrush

Senior Knight-Errant of the Order of the Righteous Flame

Natalia Sorenn-Syrush


..:: Biographical Information ::..

Homeworld: Alderaan

Birth: 651 BBY

Death: TBD

..:: Biological Classification ::..

Species: Energy Vampire - Epicanthix Hybrid

Gender: Female

Height: 1.89 meters
Weight: 71.1 kilograms

Eye Color: Brown (Light Blue as Vampire)
Hair Color: Dark Brown (Sometimes with white wicks)
Skin Color: Alabaster

Force Sensitive: No

..:: Political Affiliation ::..

  • The Holy Order of the Righteous Flame
  • Free Worlds Coalition
  • Royal House of Alderaan
    Heir Apparent of House Syrush

  • Senior Knight-Errant


..:: Appearance ::..

Physically, Natalia is a very beautiful and attractive young woman with an oval face, alabaster complexion, almond-shaped brown eyes which are sometimes described as doe-eyes, and long bob cut dark brown hair, sometimes dyed to half white. Her height is 189 cm and she has a slim, athletic physique.

Natalia shares her Vampire heritage so her eyes can change color to a silvery blue hue if she is angry or her emotions are intense. Natalia generally keeps her canines hidden; unlike her mother whom often shows them, or "flashes" them from time to time to entice or frighten others. This often causes her to appear as those she is brooding, when in actuallity she is merely keeping her fangs hidden from the galaxy.

In terms of fashion sense, while Natalia is in times of peace, she's much more casual, sporty and "girl next door" and does not wear a lot of make up or favor fashionable clothing unless attending a formal event. Natalia favors wearing jeans with t-shirts and jackets usually in black. Natalia primarily wears fashionable clothing or dresses up for special occasions or formal events. In the moments of action she wears black suits or light armor. Especially when hunting.

..:: Personality ::..

Natalia is most often shown to be stoic, serious, cold and detached, as she seldom smiles and is not known for possessing a sense of humor. She never seems to laugh and she has admitted that she is not "good with feelings" and has been described as "cold as one already dead". She is usually all-business, and does not suffer fools gladly.

She is also headstrong and stubborn, even to a fault, refusing to walk away during suspicious activity or until the task at hand is completed. She is also fiercely independent. This sometimes reaches a point where she ignores even life-threatening injuries. Her attitude stems from her centuries as a hardened warrior and she has at least once called herself "a loyal soldier".

Natalia has a skewed, questionable sense of justice and a very low level of empathy towards those she considers her enemies. However, despite Natalia's stony exterior, she is not entirely apathetic, as she tends to become distressed and vengeful when those she cares about are threatened, injured or killed. It is possible that her apathy may be a result of her training.

She has also shown a degree of morality; she makes it clear in the novelizations in particular that she will not drink innocents blood and takes a degree of care to avoid collateral damage in her fights when forced to engage the enemy in public.

Natalia does occasionally show her emotions and inner feelings, more so after she meets Amelia.


..:: Character Traits ::..

Just as much as her mother, the bloodline of Vampirism has provided her with a great many traits in her favor. Her senses have been heightened (everything has increased, from her sense of smell, hearing and depth perception, to even being graced with a natural night vision). Though it was not only her senses that have been increased, her physical attributes are just as honed, manifesting in various ways, such as enhanced strength and speed. Likewise her agility and reflexes have benefited from her vampiric heritage, permitting her to accomplish great feats.

She is capable of accelerated healing, show minors wounds such as a scratch or scrap disappearing just as quickly as they form. For more serious wounds however, she requires the intake of blood, enhancing her already formidable healing powers; though she has her own code as to whom she feeds from. And though she is biologically immortal, she is not so in the sense of the word. Extreme physical damage or mortal wounds are just as leathal to her as they are to any species.

Unlike many species however, her vampiric heritage has provided her with an enhanced immune system, ensuring that she is free of diseases, while she is capable of fighting off many viruses or infections with ease. Toxins and other harmful substances do not affect her in the same way they might affect others; and in terms of age, she will show no signs of aging, always looking youthful.

Like all Epicanthix, Natalia is immune to the proding and delving of those Force Powers that affect the mind. Thus she is effectively immune to those Force Powers that allow others to mentally trick, dominate or even read the minds of lesser beings.

Because she was sired by Amelia. Natalia's Vampiric abilities are much stronger than most of her Energy Vampire kin, and become significantly stronger after her training.

Natalia is extremely proficient with many kinds of weapons, both primitive and advanced. Being a Vampire, Natalia is much stronger than other species. She is seen jumping from a ledge at least 100 feet (approx. 30 meters:12 floors) high and even more and landing without injury. She can take a blaster shot at point-blank range to the abdomen without flinching. She can heal severe wounds within minutes, including sunlight burns and a blaster shots. She is also seen able to expel slugthrower bullets out of her body. Drinking blood allows her to heal from such injuries almost instantly.

Natalia is able to perform athletic moves, such as doing a back-flip into a hole in a bridge, and leaping from tree to tree in an instant. Due to the fact that she is a Vampire she is able to hear gunfires from a mile away.

Natalia can move so fast that she appeared as nothing but a blur. While moving at this speed, Natalia is also capable of attacking, dispatching multiple targets before they realized what happened.

..:: Character Flaws ::..

It is a weakness shared by many of the species, an acute form of photo-sensitivity, resulting in an allergy to ultraviolet radiation, which results in great pain (such as burns and blisters) when exposed to sunlight. This also causes her pain and discomfort when looking into indirect sunlight. While there are means to over come this, usually in the forms of specific clothes and garments to protect the skin and eyes, it is just as easy to relegate all activity to night which many members of the species prefer.

Just like her own mother, and others of her kind, she is hemovoric, requiring a largely hemovore diet. At times this need to feed can be demanding, and the longer that she goes without feeding the weaker she can become. Likewise the longer between feeding can often cause a madnes and desire / need to feed that can just as easily overtake her if she is not careful.

Just as her mother, Natalia suffers from a silver allergy, with prolonged exposure causing burns. Due to a childhood experience in which she came in contact with silver, she has an adverse mental reaction just from seeing it, often flinching or drawing away from the object in question.


..:: Birth ::..

Our story begins as most stories do, with the love of two women. For countless years Amelia had been alone in the Galaxy, losing everyone that she had cared about at some point. Even this story begins with pain, as the woman that Amelia had come to love was lost to a disease that could have been over come. Though in the darkness was a light.

That light would be named Natalia, a memory of a woman that was loved and lost, and now the only being in the galaxy that Amelia care for more. The girl was dotted upon in private, showered with praise and love, though in public she was pushed hard. She was trained to take care of herself, for Amelia constantly told the young woman that one day she would disappear. This warning happened for three-hundred years, though for all those years it was bliss.

Amelia had at first second thoughts, though when she saw her daughter the first time, she knew she had to stay. Natalia had a loving mother, one that made sure she would not want of anything. For three-hundred years it was a fairy-tale life, until the day that Natalia was forced to face the galaxy.

..:: Disappearing Mother ::..

After Three-Hundred years she disappeared. The woman that loved her and raised her had vanished from the galaxy without leaving a trace. Nor did she leave any kind of reasoning for the young woman as to why. Natalia was alone in the Galaxy, forced to face it without the constant companion of the cold woman that kept a watchful eye upon the young girl. Perhaps this was a test? A means to see if she was ready to face the galaxy without her hand being held, what else could it be?

She had already known for many years now that she was different. At least her mother had shown her the limits of what she was capable. The warning of shying away from the sun and sticking to the shadows remained within her mind for all those years as she roamed a galaxy alone. That's not to say that she did it alone, without any companionship. There were some, though they always came and went just as quickly as the next, the life of an immortal being, forced to watch any she could potentially care about grow old and waste away.

There was at least one individual in the Galaxy that understood her. For hundreds of years she searched, hunted down old stories and tales, many of which turned out to be fables. One though always seemed to bring her a step closer, though never to the point that she needed.

After all those years of searching though, of cultivating contacts and keeping herself ever vigilante; all that hard work paid off. However it did so just as the Galaxy tore itself apart.

..:: The Elusive Prize ::..

And now the Clone Wars had begun, the Republic, aging and failing attempting to hold against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Just as the war broke out she had gained her greatest lead, and as the battle raged across countless systems, she heard stories and tales of a Raven haired woman tearing her way across the battlefield. Each time she rushed to those worlds, to find those that had last seen the sight of the woman, only to find nothing.

There were times though, times where she caught a glimpse. Her eyes falling upon the woman, her mother. There was no other explanation, it could be no one else but her. So she kept chasing after her, searching for her and time and time again fearing the worst. The thought that she lost her to the war was always a constant, though as she heard the stories told by the Clone Troopers and enemy soldiers alike, stories recovered from destroyed battle droids, she knew the truth.

As the war came to a close and the Galactic Empire rose, she was forced to face the simple truth. She had failed, unable to reunite with her mother. Though just as all seemed lost, something happened.

Natalia was combing a battlefield, the last of the Clone War, searching for any clues to keep going when she felt a hand upon her shoulder. As she looked up, there she stood, yellow hues upon her staring through her. Without thought she quickly jumped up and wrapped her arms around the woman, she couldn't believe it, her mother there with her.

For how long though? How long would she have her mother? There came a time though, a time when Amelia would slip back into the darkness, though this time it was different, for Natalia would not be left alone.

..:: Quiet Contemplation ::..

United with her mother, the only woman that seemed to have cared for her in such a unique way. Though she understood that something had changed in her mother, a feeling that was different. Even though she had not fought in the Clone Wars like her mother, she felt the same drain. The pain and loss of so many, even she felt tired. Thus her mother brought her to a hidden place. Waiting for her was a machine, a way to allow her to slumber.

For the first time in a long time Amelia shown the love she had for her daughter, placing a kiss upon the woman's forehead before placing her into the carbonite. For Natalia it was quick, a furious hissing noise and then nothing. Everything was black, everything quite and for once she could rest.

..:: The Galaxy Torn ::..

Everything was dark for a few moments when she finally awoke, having been able to slumber in peace. Though for how long she had slumbered was a mystery to her, unable to tell just how many years it had been. Once she finally found her bearings she saw no one else in the chamber. She was alone, the system automated to wake her after so many years.

When she emerged from the hidden tomb, the galaxy was different than what she had remembered. A great plague had swept across worlds, and for hundreds of years the Galaxy suffered in darkness. Billions disappeared over night, leaving many others alone in the Galaxy. Once more she found herself striking out to find her mother, the woman that had hidden her away so she could slumber in peace.

There were many stories though, and she felt like she was at square one all over again in the grand scale of things. The thought of having to slog across the Galaxy again in search of her mother was disheartening. Though for once something would be easy, and she'd need not worry about finding her mother. For it was Amelia that found Natalia, even if it was just by accident, the two found themselves once more staring upon the other.

..:: Reunion ::..

They found themselves upon Alderaan, a world that Amelia had not seen for hundreds of years. Now though Natalia stood at her mother's side, not in her shadow or chasing after an elusive being across the galaxy. Her mother had a plan, and it involved the raising of an ancient house. Natalia was the heir of House Syrush, and though her mother had once thought she the only one, that she had lost her daughter, those thoughts were pushed away from her mind now.

For her own part Natalia was happy just to rejoined with her mother. What would come next was only known by the fates, though she knew that whatever was to come, they would be triumphant.


..:: Forms ::..

"A lightsaber form is nothing more than a form which one can use with a sword. The only difference is those whom wield a lightsaber while you wield a blade."

[Note: Scale 1 (Novice) - Scale 5 (Master)]

  • Shii-Cho: N/a
  • Makashi: N/a
  • Soresu: N/a
  • Ataru: N/a
  • Shien / Djem So: N/a
    Sub-form Backhanded: N/a

[*]Niman: N/a
  • Sub-form Jar-kai, or Dual Wield: N/a

[*]Juyo: N/a

  • Double Bladed Combat: N/a

..:: Attributes ::..

"The body and the mind; steel these both for one can not exist without the other. If you are weak in body, find strength in mind; if you are weak in mind, find strength in body."

[Note: Scale 1 (Weak) - Scale 10 (Godly)]

Physical Strength: 5
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 9
Leadership: 3

Unarmed: 6
Melee Weapons: 6
Ranged Weapons: 5

House Syrush

"From the Ashes, as a Phoenix; We Rise..."

..:: Familial Information ::..

  • Energy Vampires
  • Human
  • Near Human
  • Hybrids

Title of House:
  • Countess / Count


Seat of Power:
  • TBA

Other Locations:
  • TBA

..:: Military Strength ::..

Captain of the House Syrush Guard:
  • TBA

Members of the House Syrush Guard:
  • TBA

..:: Political Information and Affiliation ::..

  • The Free Worlds Coalition
  • Royal House of Alderaan - House Organa
  • Holy Order of the Righteous Flame

Vassal Houses:
  • TBA

..:: Chronological Information ::..

Date Established:
  • Circa 27,500 BBY

Date Fragmented:
  • 3644 BBY

Date Reestablished:
  • Circa 844 ABY
It looks wonderful and I'm glad that you're finally on the site :3

Even though we've been talking for a while through messages, allow me to be the first to say.

I'm excited to rp with you and look forward to it.

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