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Nalrobian Nights

Commenor's forests were beautiful.

Light trickled through verdant leaves, dappling the ground with speckled golden splendor. Trees sprouted upward, letting their blankets of green absorb the sun. The wind pushed through the area, stirring up a frenzy of movement. The ground crunched under foot, the only sound to permeate the forest, aside from the odd birdcall.

Of course, Nacaolu couldn't even begin to compare it to the mighty jungles of Nalrobi.

In the tranquility, a blur of white passed between the trees. The shape darted around thin trees with impressive dexterity, wrapping and dodging around the trunks like a dancer. Nacaolu snaked up a thicker tree, breaking the leafy canopy at the top to survey the landscape around him. He smiled happily, his jaws parting with the action, glancing all around. This was where he was most at home. Not in the city, or the Praexum, but in the woods, where he could be alone to think.

Nacaolu had decided that every planet had a soul, a life force, each as different as any sentient being. While Nalrobi was wild, powerful, and chaotic, Commenor was peaceful and agreeable. As he watched, he gave thanks to Commenor, bowing his head in reverence.

Suddenly, something felt different.

Nacaolu dropped down from his tree, staring around with wary red eyes. His white tail flicked, and his jaws parted, anticipating an attack. He hadn't seen any large beasts on Commenor yet, but that didn't mean there were none.

"Who's there?" Nacaolu called out, pulling a slugthrower rifle from a harness on his back. He brandished it towards nothing in particular. Then, stepping out of the shadows...

A man, with dark skin and eyes, hands raised diplomatically.

"Nacaolu basq-Qoboz?" The man's voice was deep and melodious as he addressed the Suchur.

Nacaolu lowered his rifle, curious. "That is I. Who are you?"

"I am Governor Aegix. Nalrobi requires Commenor's aid."

| [member="Lady Kay"] | [member="Bradshaw Ku"] |​

Bradshaw Ku

Crown Prince of Commenor

In the pulsing heart of the Illaria Woodlands, lay a simple blue and white checkered blanket over a plush bed of verdant grass and white flowers. Cascades of light filtered down in seams of gold through the forest roof over a woven picnic basket and a figure in modest grey seated beside. The figure, a young man, could have been mistaken for a monastic acolyte. Cool blue eyes searched the foliage while the chirp and scurry of wildlife met his ears, and the smell of morning dew still clung to the vegetation.

The quiet patience with which the man waited might have rendered him nearly unrecognizable to anyone who knew him before his move from his luxurious palace suite into the spartan dorms of Commenor’s Force Praxeum. He was the planet’s newly crowned prince, but he was also [member="Veiere Arenais"]' Padawan, a student of the force. Much had changed since his reappearance on Commenor. He was more responsible and mature, for one. His alignment in the light side of the force was another. Even so, he was still Bradshaw Ku, the joking, flirty, and even cocky, young man eager to prove himself and always searching for excitement.

While Veiere, who played the role of both his Master and step-father was a capable, even if reluctant diplomat in his own right, would surely instruct him on more than just the ways of the force, as Commenor’s crowned prince and future heir, he needed to familiarize himself with the intricate art of policy and diplomacy. That was where his mother, Commenor’s Queen, and a master politician, would surely come in.

That was not for today, however. Sometimes, it paid to just sit, relax, and listen. This was one of those times. He’d sent a message to his mother an hour ago, asking for her to meet him, accompanied by GPS coordinates so she could find the remote spot he now sat, though it still wasn’t too far from the Praxeum. He hadn’t spent a lot of quality time with her, despite all she did for him. He hoped that was about to change. He chose this location simply for its beauty – a nice place for a picnic – and for the vibrant life all around – to contrast the memory of his late adopted father’s murder. Shaw-Ku’s lightsaber hung on his belt, nested beneath grey fabric.

Veiere’s first lesson had been a simple one. It was a lesson in how best to greet others with respect and dignity. Sometimes, like a bow, a small gesture made with poise was better than a grand one made in haste, like kneeling. This would be more than a picnic, he was going to ask his mother to hold onto Shaw-Ku’s lightsaber until she felt he earned the right to carry it after appropriately honoring his late father’s sacrifice. Like that first lesson, he chose not to make a grand, hasty show of the occasion, instead choosing dignity and poise, but also to turn it into an opportunity for some needed quality time.

| [member="Lady Kay"] | [member="Nacaolu"] |​


Sphaera Tea Company Owner

Kay had gotten the summons from [member="Bradshaw Ku"] and it had caught her by surprise. She was a little saddened by his move from the Palace to the Praxeum, but knew that it was for the best. He was lucky though as he got to spend more time with her husband than she did. It was much the same with her first marriage. She stayed at home while her husband was off doing work. It wasn't as though she was just sitting arpund, however. She was doing work too. But politics had a way of dividing people and families. Kay was determined to not allow her family to drift apart, nor was she going to let the seperation get her down. She had her job and [member="Veiere Arenais"] had his. Distance made the heart grow fonder, and their moments together were never wasted. Instead they were cherished.

She hadn't spent as much time with Brad as ahe should have, especially given their years apart. There was so much that she had missed, so much that she had to make up for. He was to be her pilot, but things had changed so quickly that he never got a chance. One day he will.

Kay walked through the woods, guards pacing her from behind. She had to take them with her, always. Trouble had a habit of finding her and security wasn't comfortable with her going anywhere alone. It was annoying, but she had to learn to live with it.

Before long she spotted Brad, seated on a blanket next to a picnic basket. She smiled then, her eyes brightning as she neared him. "Well doesn't this look lovely."

Nacaolu had never ran so fast in his life.

The white crocodilian danced around the thin trees and sparse underbrush with purpose, sprinting through the forest with zeal. Trees shook with weight as the Suchur jumped between them, sliding down their trunks like a vine-cat. For being such a large being, he was surprisingly dexterous.

Even at his top speed, it took Nacaolu around an hour before he found Kay and Bradshaw's tracks in the forest.

He stopped at the soft indentations in the dirt, scrutinizing them. He followed the tracks quickly, dashing along the trail.

Finally, he stopped, red eyes widening as he saw them.

They had spread out some fabric, and had spread out food. Guards flanked them. Perhaps they had been on a hunting expedition? Nacaolu caught his breath in the woods, staying hidden among the leafy bushes. Finally, he slithered out, standing tall.

"Kay basq-Arenais. Bradshaw basq-Ku." The Suchur beat a fist to his chest in a salute. "I must speak with you. It is urgent."

| [member="Lady Kay"] | [member="Bradshaw Ku"] |​

Bradshaw Ku

Crown Prince of Commenor
Bradshaw couldn’t sense his mother approaching, she nearly always kept the reach of her force aura close, tightly rolled up within her. It was to keep her little secret. That she was force sensitive at all. While he didn’t know the whole story about why she’d felt the need to master such a skill, it undoubtedly gave her a massive advantage over others who were not privy to her hidden power.

Instead, he simply listened to the woods, and searched the greenery around him for her approach. There she is, he mused as his eyes caught sight of her nearby, trailed, as usual, by her guards. That too, was a curious thing. As a master of the force, her need for guards was rather small. Surely, she could protect them better than they could her. But, this too, was likely part of the appearance she wanted to convey. A non-force using Queen would always have guards about her, and after all, that was just how she wanted to appear.

Bradshaw remained sitting, anticipating that she would soon join him on the blanket. A big, pleased, smile played across his face – like a child proudly showing his parents his drawing – when she remarked on the lovely setting. He knew he had done an exceptional job of finding this spot. The thought then encroached on his mind that pride wasn’t very Jedi-like. He wondered what [member="Veiere Arenais"] would say.

He patted the blanket on the other side of the picnic basket, “I hoped you’d like it. If you join me, I’ll show you something else you’ll like.” Opening one end of the basket, he pulled out a rather large thermos containing his mother’s favorite tea before reaching in again, revealing two white cups. While he wasn’t nearly as infatuated with the stuff as she was, he didn’t mind a cup or two once and awhile. “Sapir tea,” he said, then chuckled to himself, “Then again, what else would it be?”

Just then, he felt a twinge in the force. At first, it was almost nothing, a speck disturbing the calm pervading his surroundings, like a leaf falling on a still lake. It grew, quickly. From a speck, to something more detailed. It felt… primal, and… urgent.

He couldn’t tell if it was threatening, but by the time [member="Nacaolu"] had hidden himself in the bushes nearby, Bradshaw jumped to his feet. He couldn’t pinpoint the newest member of the Commenori Knights and despite the creature’s large size, he couldn’t see him, either. The mystery was soon revealed when the Suchur emerged from hiding, beating his fist to his chest and greeting them in an odd way. Bradshaw had been around the Praxeum long enough to know who Nacaolu was, but he’d never really spoken with the reptilian – who seemed to keep to himself most of the time. He’d also never come across Nacaolu’s species before, even in all his travels around the galaxy. Maybe they didn’t get out much.

“Well,” he started to say, looking at Nacaolu then longingly back at the picnic basket and back at Nacaolu, “If it’s urgent. Who am I to turn you away.” He held out the thermos, “Care for any tea?” he joked.

| [member="Lady Kay"] |​


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay was still getting used to [member="Bradshaw Ku"] being dressed like a Jedi. In all honesty, she was still getting used to him being back at all. After so long, she's had to adjust to being a mother again. She was lucky to be further along in her recovery from capture to be able to handle such a change. Otherwise things might of been worse off, and Brad wouldn't be trying to better himself as he was now.

She smiled and took a seat on the blanket beside him, raising a brow as he seemed to have a surprise for her. "Oh?" He pulled out the thermos and cups and she had to laugh. "Sapir tea? Are you trying to butter me up for something?"

Just then his expression changed. He was sensing something. Kay furrowed her brows and looked in the direction of where the rustling of leaves and breaking of twigs was coming from. Her guards placed their hands on their blasters, but didn't raise them up yet. It could've just been an animal or...

[member="Nacaolu"] broke out of the trees just then. Kay recognized him at her wedding and on some of her visits to the Praxeum. It was hard to forget such a remarkable looking species. He showed such respect and honour on his approach. Kay glanced to Brad before getting to her feet and bowing her head in turn. "Afternoon. You are Nacaolu, right? What do you need to speak to us about? Has something gone wrong?" He had used her new last name. Arenais. It was going to take time to get used to that.
The wind rushed past the trees again, and Nacaolu glanced upward quickly, reading the change in the breeze. Leaves trickled down between the Queen, her son, her entourage, and the Suchur, a lazy spiral of green.

The crocodilian first latched his eyes on Bradshaw, his joke evoking nothing from the tall being besides a deadpan "No." The steely gaze then turned on the guards, and their sudden wariness. He narrowed the small red beads at them, not moving a muscle. Finally, he turned his attention to Kay, his outward appearance changing little.

"Yes. That is me." The Suchur stepped forward, a spark of electricity dancing from his neck to the tip of his nose. He kept a respectful distance from the guards, acknowledging their discomfort with him. "And... It is not urgent for Commenor," he continued quickly, as if afraid he would lose their attention, "but it is urgent for Nalrobi. My homeworld."

The Suchur plopped himself into the dirt at his feet, and began to absentmindedly draw in the soft surface with a claw. "I was approached in the woods by the leader of Nalrobi, Governor Heri basq-Aegix. He brought disturbing news."

The large being had begun to construct lines in the dirt between his feet. A circle. Two swooping shapes out from that. "My people are forming a great army to assault the capital. Heri basq-Aegix wanted me to convince you to send the Knights to defend it." Despite the contents of the sentence, Nacaolu didn't seem very persuasive, almost wincing at the words.

He left the planet because of his use of Gris-Gris. To return with an army of those that could use it, brandishing it's power against his own people, would make him no different than the evil witches of old.

He continued, still tracing a shape in the sand that was growing more and more complex. "He said he would wait at your stone palace for your answer."

He knew the Queen and the other Knight only by name, and almost nothing else. He didn't know how they would respond, or how he would be treated now. Leaders throughout Suchuri history tended to sacrifice bearers of bad news to Nalrobi, after all.

The shape he had drawn was interesting. A beast of some kind, with bat-like wings and a mouth full of teeth.

"I... am sorry for the inconvenience."

| [member="Lady Kay"] | [member="Bradshaw Ku"] |​

Bradshaw Ku

Crown Prince of Commenor
The Padawan Prince shrugged at [member="Nacaolu"]'s expressionless, no, in answer to his own tongue-in-cheek offer. I knew you’d say that. Then, his mother's manners reminding him of his teachings, he bowed in greeting. He couldn’t discern if the reptilian lacked humor, or if this was just a bad time for jokes. It wasn’t a good time, but the new Knight also hadn’t given any hints that he had a sense of humor, either. His mother, ever the more responsible one and practiced diplomate, asked the important question.

He let the thermos fall to his side. Fingers loosened around the metal until only the force was left to resist gravity, a literal battle of forces. The thermos drifted, as if on a cloud, to land behind him near the picnic basket. Already he had more control than ever before, it was a present gifted to him by his new path through the force and by his Master’s rigorous teachings.

Despite the parlor trick, a feat not worth the time of day for most force users, he kept his attention on Nacaolu. He may have made a joke, but he also wasn’t ignorant to the creature’s obvious distress, the force going a long way toward understanding him, since Nacaolu’s inexpressive alien habit was difficult to read.

A slick of arcing electricity jumping from his neck to his nose caught Bradshaw by surprise. Karking hell! How’d he do that? You are an odd one, aren’t you?

His people were building an army to attack the capital of his world and the governor had come all the way here to ask for Nacaolu’s and the Knights of Commenor’s help to resist the attack? There were so many questions, it was difficult to organize them into a coherent line of communication. He pulled a face, looking over to his mother and back to Nacaolu, clearly puzzled by the situation.

“No inconvenience. If there’s ever a time to interrupt tea, I always say, it’s to stop a planetwide conflict.” Then more seriously, “You’re a fellow Knight, so, of course we’ll do whatever we can to help you and your planet, but, there’s more than a few questions that need clarifying first, before we plunge ourselves into a war. For instance,” he held up a finger, “Just for kicks, let’s start with why your people want to attack the capital and why the governor of a world I’ve never heard of has come all the way here for your help and ours?” He paused for a moment to think. “I mean,” a chuckle over what he was about to say escaped, “I know this isn’t like me, but, is there a way to avoid the conflict altogether?”

He was sure his mother knew the best way to handle this kind of situation, he only hoped that his first response hadn’t landed too far from the mark.

Glancing down at the dirt by the reptilian’s feet, Bradshaw cocked his head toward the creature drawn there. “What’s that?”

| [member="Lady Kay"] |​


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay furrowed her brows while she listened to [member="Nacaolu"] speak. Sure she was glad that his urgent news wasn't bad for Commenor, but his mannerisms towards the news that he bore was quite odd. He seated himself and began drawing. It must be his way to stop himself from fidgeting. Yet at the same time, it was almost as though he didn't want Commenor's aid. There was something odd in his description of the circumstances too.

[member="Bradshaw Ku"] responded before she could. First by showing off his 'talents' and then almost offering Commenor's forces to aid in the situation that they knew little about. He had much to learn.

Kay sat herself back down so that she was more in level with Nacaolu. "The Commenori stay home. We do not go off to war on a whim. It has been hundreds of years since we have fought away from home. But as Brad said, there are many questions to be answered first." Not to mention she had wanted to know what Nacaolu thought on it all. It was strange too that Aegix was waiting at the Palace for her, instead of coming here. The whole thing didn't feel right.

Or maybe she was just being paranoid...
Nacaolu frowned as [member="Bradshaw Ku"] used the Force to levitate his drink, his red eyes tracing the movement cautiously. He would never get used to such an open display of Gris-Gris. With some difficulty, he tore his eyes away from the movement, forcing himself to regard the two humans with respect.

"I can answer some questions," he said, looking between mother and son apprehensively. "I do not know why my people would assault Cipac. Our ancestors built it for aliens to live in peace, and we would not abandon the ideals of those who came before us without a good reason." The albino being rested his head on a clawed hand, thinking. What had riled up his people to the point of war?

"But I do know the answer to your second question." Nacaolu straightened again, folding his hands. "I am the highest ranking Nalrobian in any government throughout the galaxy, or so Heri basq-Aegix tells me. Commenor also has Knights. He wanted me to convince them... us... to help." Again, the same apprehension kept him from formally asking for aid.

To Brashaw's third question, the hint of a long, toothy smile graced him for the first time. "It is a Patlan. Used by my people for war. An omen for troubling skies." Nacaolu regarded his creation with interest before looking up at Kay with... relief.

"I understand," he said, trying not to let his elated spirit show. "He awaits an answer at your stone palace. Where you can tell him to leave." Nacaolu stood quickly, realizing he'd shown his hand. He didn't want any part in a war with the rest of the Suchur, and it showed. "Or get details."

| [member="Lady Kay"] | [member="Bradshaw Ku"] |​


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay saw what looked like a frown coming from [member="Nacaolu"] as he watched [member="Bradshaw Ku"] using the Force. No doubt that was because of the way that he used it. She listened to his answers to Brad's questions. Of course she couldn't blame Nacaolu for not knowing why his home capital was being attacked. He had been here afterall. Yet she just had to raise a brow as he seemed almost delighted that Kay was halfway to refusing to send anyone over there, most especially Commenori soldiers.

She chewed the inside of her cheek and looked to Brad. "Sorry, but it looks like I'll be cutting this picnic down short. I can't keep another head of state waiting for long. It's bad form and impolite." Kay got to her feet, glancing down at the drawing once again. A bad omen? That didn't make her feel very comfortable. Situations always come up that take her away from getting to know her adopted son again. But situations and obligations keep her away from Veiere as well. Luckily neither of them were the clingy sort.

"Alright. Let's head back to the Palace and get to the bottom of this. I have a feeling that I'm not getting all the answers yet." She didn't know Nacaolu well enough to know if this was his normal behaviour, being so cryptic.

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