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Naelarus, The Condemned

"Merciful goddess of the lost, bear witness to my resolve..."
- War prayer of Naelarus

| Societal Information |

Name: Naelarus
Pronunciation: [Nail-are-us]
Alias(es): "The Unsung"
Martial Status: None
Force Sensitive: Yes
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Home-world: N/A

| Physical Information |

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Last identified to be in late twenties, early thirties
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Slim, athletic build
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Grey
Skin Pigmentation: Pale white

| Personality |

Unlike her broken companion, much of Nael's former personality has remained present, as a result of both being more intact prior to transformation and a willing participant. Surprisingly, while her code of conduct has been twisted and corrupted by the sith, she is no less an adherent to a twisted sense of honor. Every waking moment not in combat is spent in torment over her failure and warped mind.

| Strengths & Weaknesses |

[ + ] Strong of Body and Mind - Having been trained to bring out her latent potential, Nael is a case of augmentation to strengthen her overall. While not as strong as the sithspawn originating from her home, she is still capable of more unnatural feats of strength, such as wielding a large, weighty sword with a single hand. She is also capable of more advanced planning, able to think far enough in advance to guide her Sithspawn friend.

[ + ] Master Swordswoman - Her skills have persisted and grown over time serving the Sith.

[ - ] Compelled to Serve - Because of a detonation chip inside of her body, she is compelled to obey the Sith who put it there, lest she face her end.

[ - ] Broken - With all her torment over failure and the corruption of her otherwise bright heart have resulted in tormenting flashes to her former life. She can be forced to relive experiences in combat, making her extremely vulnerable

| Biography |

Women never served, in her homeland that was. Not by legal decree, not by some mandate, but out of choice. It wasn't needed, heroes were plentiful enough, it was simpler to lead a peaceful home life. Besides, with the Shadowtreader, what more could they need?

Such a hero would, by default, be Unsung. It was this role that Naelarus took by choice, the quiet hero, known only to other soldiers, to heroes. In a world where the men were the champions of the people, she broke the mold, yet stayed in her friend's shadow, comfortable to do her part.

That was until the Dark ones came. Fire, shadow, death, her blade staves off inevitable destruction that some might yet live, might yet continue. The Unsung, the hero content to rest out of mind, she fought with her only friend, the sole soldier left to remember her name, and her final compatriot, until he bid her to run.

Run.. She turned, heading to the entrance of the escape tunnels. Perhaps she could save someone, her people. She had to try.. for the sake of the Shadowtreader, to make his sacrifice worth something, for the people she swore to protect. For her niece, if she was still alive. She arrived to find the tunnels under siege, and began her duty to fend them off.

Blade and soul became one, as she fought soldiers, force wielded, beasts, anything and everything back. For each pain she felt, she unleashed it twice over on those who dared to fight her where she her held ground. When at last a Lord strong enough to best her came, she collapsed the tunnel, praying others had indeed escaped.

It wouldn't be until she lay awake on a medical table she would learn nothing had made it out. But these Sith gave her a choice, to make her life meaningful once more. Through allowing herself to be changed, she could uphold the law.. their law.. once more. The men claimed her niece was alive, unharmed, and all they needed was something to the her to them for protection...

What other choice was there to make?

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