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Nacaolu basq-Qoboz


Source: Snaptooth Murkwater by Alex Alexandrov

Nacaolu basq-Qoboz
Rank: Acolyte of the Commenori Knights
Species: Suchur

Age: 23
Height: 2.02 m (6'8'' ft)
Weight: 160 kg (350ish lbs)
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Naturally Red
Skin: White scales
Voice Claim: Jimmy Jean-Louis

Force-Sensitive: Yup

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Chick-Magnet- As with all Suchur, Nacaolu's scales are magnetically sealed, meaning that blasters and other energy-based weapons will have little effect. Also, electrical attacks conduct around the scales, leaving him relatively unharmed.
Muscled- Nacaolu's jaw and tail muscles are extremely strong. His bite can snap bone easily, and a slap from his tail could be fatal. He is also considered strong for a Suchur, if not a little wiry.
I Will Survive- Nacaolu is a survivor first and foremost. He thrives in a variety of biomes comfortably, whether it be raging sea or scorching desert.

Worthlessness- Nacaolu feels terrible about himself, and values his own well-being lowly.
God-Fearing- Nacaolu is extremely religious, and follows the Nalrobian religion zealously. This includes an ancient rule that forbids touch outside of the family, a general uneasiness around the Force, and the need to erect and worship at shrines. His respect for his own religion transfers to other religions as well, and he is captivated by mythologies, tradition, and folklore.

Opposites Attract- Since he is magnetic, almost all metals he touches will annoyingly stick to him. Slugs and Vibro-weaponry, as well as other metal weapons, also have a higher chance of hitting him. Because of this magnetic field, he cannot work with fine computers such as a datapad or a ship's console, due to his field messing with and possibly breaking them.
Uncultured- Nacaolu is clueless when it comes to other being's cultures and traditions, only having learned the culture of his basq.
Gris-Gris- Nacaolu views his Force Sensitivity as a curse, but accepts that it has been given to him for a reason. Because of this, Nacaolu doesn't like to use the Force often, therefore, it isn't that trained, and perfect opportunities to use it will often be missed.

Standing proud at 6'8'', this tall albino crocodilian is a terrifying sight.

The first thing one would notice about Nacaolu basq-Qoboz is his glimmering white scales. They seem to almost sparkle in direct sunlight, and flashes of blue energy can sometimes been seen leaping inbetween them. His jaws jut out in front of him, hosting a myriad of blunt, crushing teeth, capable of tearing limbs off. His tail drags behind him softly, sometimes twitching or waving with his mood. His eyes, deep-set into his sockets, are an unsettling red color. A single scar runs over his right eye, denting his scales in that area.

Nacaolu will often wear simple dirty robes that he will discard in a fight, favoring the freedom of movement that comes with not wearing armor, exposing his protective scales to the galaxy.

Nacaolu is an interesting character, to say the least.

He can seem oblivious or cold on first impressions, unsure of both himself and those around him. This stems from him knowing only his own culture, and almost nothing about the rest of the galaxy. To him, almost everything is new and uncharted territory, including the Force. Because of this, he steps lightly.

Nacaolu has low self-esteem, stemming from his religion's sour view of Force-Sensitives. In his mind, he is no better than the Gris that haunt his homeworld, with the potential to become a force of destruction. He doesn't understand himself, and this creates plenty of self-loathing and fear.

Despite all that, because he grew up in a strange culture, he can seem eccentric, as he doesn't understand the unwritten rules of the galaxy.

'"Dis young'n will grow up to be a powaful warrior, 'dat is true. 'Deir enemies will crumble befoa' 'dem, and 'dey will bring about peace and prosperity to their basq."

The egg of Nacaolu basq-Qoboz hatched on Nalrobi, alongside a plethora of bad omens. Famine ran rampant for the religious Qoboz tribe, making food scarce for the Suchur. Nacaolu was the only egg to hatch out of his clutch, and when he finally did, he was albino, all terrible signs for things to come. The Qoboz decided their goddess, the planet Nalrobi, was angered by them, and sought out help from a Suchuri Witch in the deep jungle, named Mama Gar.

The hatchling's mother and father offered the child as sacrifice to Mama Gar, in a desperate attempt to acquire her favor. Before they could finish the deed, Gar stopped them, delivering a prophesy for Nacaolu's future. Stunned and mystified by the Witch's words, the Qoboz tribe returned to their home, to wait out the tough times.

Nacaolu was raised under intense suspicion and fear, which only intensified as it was discovered he was Force-Sensitive, yet another bad omen to add to the list. Nacaolu, as he grew older, turned to religion for comfort and safety, as his family offered none. He delved into his studies in religion and the sciences, occupying his days with either hunting, which he was always good at, or reading.

Eventually, the fear surrounding him became more than he could bear. During the middle of the night, Nacaolu slipped away from the Qoboc encampment, found a ship that would take him off-planet, and started a new life, where he could learn more about himself, and maybe find a new family that wasn't so scared of him.

Bounties Collected: N/A
Kills: N/A
Abilities and Powers:
{Initiate - Apprentice - Adept - Expert - Master]​
Force Abilities:
Lightsaber Forms:
Form I- ||| ||| ||| ||| |||​
Form II- ||| ||| ||| ||| |||​
Form III- ||| ||| ||| ||| |||​
Form IV-||| ||| ||| ||| |||​
Form V-||| ||| ||| ||| |||​
Form VI- ||| ||| ||| ||| |||​
Form VII- ||| ||| ||| ||| |||​
Combat Abilities:
Suchuri Martial Arts- ||| ||| ||| ||| |||​
Ranged: Medium- ||| ||| ||| ||| |||​

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