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Naboola the Hutt

Naboola the Hutt

Naboola the Hutt

Name: Naboola
Age: 203
Species: Hutt
Gender: Hermaphrodite (masculine personality)
Eyes: One Red One White
Height: 1.5 m
Weight: 345 kg
Faction: The Hutt Cartel
Rank: Enlisted
Force Sensitive: No
Home world: Nal Hutta
Strengths and Weaknesses:
+) Advanced Criminal Skills
-) Slow
+) Gun Skills
-) Mood Swings
On Nal Hutta Naboola the Hutt would be born, his parents were exiles, criminals even by hutt standards, born with no clan he was referred to simply as Naboola or Naboola the Hutt, his parents instantly started teaching him the basics of crime, he often accompanied his parents on 'business' trips and soon picked up many other skills, he soon joined an Underground Society and began to train properly, he soon had the skills of a elite criminal and went on many secret missions, but the society was soon caught by law enforcements, but Naboola escaped and ran to The Hutt Cartel, enlisting in the military.
Ships: None
Kills: None

Bounties Collected: None

Roleplays: None