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Approved NPC Naboo Royal Advisory Council

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  • Group Name: Naboo Royal Advisory Council
  • Classification: Ministry Council
  • Headquarters: Naboo
  • Loyalties: Monarch of Naboo, Queen Jamie Pyne
  • Group Sigil: N/A
  • Description: The Naboo Royal Council is comprised of five ministers, and the governor of Theed. The ministries included councilors for each of the following: War, Science, Music, Education, and Architecture. Each minister serves for a period of six months per term, and is thereby replaced at the discretion of the crown. While there is no set guidelines that must be adhered to in order to become a minister, these are typically filled by scholars, activists, artists, and masters of their trade. While no minister has direct authority to create or enforce mandates themselves, they are considered invaluable assets to the Queen and provide essential council to the crown.
  • Hierarchy: The monarch of Naboo assigns each minister to serve as they see fit. No individual member has authority over the other, nor the authority to enact or enforce law of their own accord, save for the Governor of Theed, with respect to the latter.
  • Membership: Membership is determined by the monarchy, to serve a term limit of six months, save for the Governor of Theed, whose elected position may last for up to four years in parallel with the queen, irrespective of their term.
  • Dogma/Doctrines: The ministers provide vast knowledge of their respective fields to the crown, discuss matters of importance on a regular basis, and seek to better the lives of the people of Naboo.
  • Curios: N/A
  • Goals: While serving on the advisory council, each member is responsible for the collection of pertinent information relating to their field of expertise, lending their council to the monarch, discussing the state of the sovereignty, and offering solutions to domestic issues affecting the Naboo.
  • (NPC) - Tamesh - Minister of War
  • (NPC) - For'quen - Minister of Music
  • (NPC) - Aerowàn - Minister of Architecture
  • (NPC) - Yistred - Minister of Science
  • (NPC) - Exvalie - Minister of Education
  • (NPC) - Gáros - Governor of Theed
The Naboo Royal Adivsory Council has existed for millennia, relatively unchanged in terms of its' structure and purpose. It has been historically used to provide the ruler of Naboo critical information pertaining to each of the most important aspects of the people. War, while traditionally having been abolished during times of peace, was permanently mandated by Queen Jamie Pyne to provide domestic security oversight to the crown. While Naboo has no formal army to speak of, the security forces and protection and state of awareness are critical to maintaining a sovereign world and a lasting peace. The other ministries, including architecture, education, music, and science are comprised of experts in their respective areas, and lend their council to the crown during regular meetings. The Governor of Theed also serves on the council, providing a broad insight to the needs of the people within the largest city of Naboo.
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