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The Alchemist's student
I've got some characters you could meet for general social stuff or random things:

Shavara: Eternal Empire territory or nearby. She doesn't usually just go out in public on stuff, not exactly used to the culture that other planets and worlds have, so she is a bit uneasy at times and mostly does it if she plans to help them. But, she could still potentially end up places. She may roam around on her world but it's not really a common destination. She's a pretty good person, and part of the Eclipse Rebellion trying to kind of break apart the Eternal Empire. Mostly she's a scientist however, but she'll take on a title and outfit and call herself Sar Vun when helping the Rebels due to its significance to her people She uses the light side of the force but is prone to being a little more fearful at times so she can have trouble controlling herself. (The "religion" she's in, has members who use either side.)

Salis Marai V'Trechen: Much less good person. Salis is a Major in the Zweihander Union. She's got a longer and more varied history than Shavara, and is much stronger and more skilled in the force. However she's never called herself a Sith lord, and pretty much dropped the title of Sith Entirely when she left the Jen'ari. Not for a philosophical reason, just cause she pretty much considered it only a title. She's really quite friendly, but is simply much more willing to engage in violence because she enjoys it. While she does have to lead an army, she does have offtime naturally. So she could reasonably be met in a bar, restaurant, or just in general in public. She has begun to develop a sense of conscience, but really doesn't understand it. This case it would need to be in or near Zweihander Union territory.

Rocho Krul: Not as outright powerful in the force as the two previously but he is a skilled warrior. He's a Trandoshan Hunter and Mercenary. He's not opposed to just social stuff, but simply doesn't do it all too often since sometimes "Relaxing" for him is essentially a camping trip with the potential for a hunt or fishing trip. He often flies either a smaller fighter/transport, or uses his carrier due to its good hyperdrive and that its loaded with droid fighters allowing him to act as a pretty dangerous offensive force on his own. He could be found almost anywhere. Not exactly morally upright. He definitely has issues but he's not as bad as Salis.

Walker: Partially same species as Shavara, sort of, their's a few important details. He knows the religion but really doesn't care about it. He's an alchemist and is exclusively dark side as his mind is quite twisted. He's a messed up experimenter biologist and alchemist. He's about as friendly as Salis is but doesn't quite find the same pleasure in personally being involved in violence. It's not so much that he can't, but the circumstances would decide it. He's more likely to only fight if he really doesn't have minions available to do the job for him. He tends to parade himself essentially just as a traveling doctor in public, he definitely has the skills but NOT the morality. Also able to be found mostly anywhere.

Kaiburr: A bodyguard on Naboo. He's trained by the Baran Do Sages and is, in fact, a Shard. A sentient crystal. He's kinder than the others and more like Shavara, but with a good deal more patience and wisdom. He uses a droid body to travel more easily. And still wears the Baran Do cloak and wooden staff giving a slightly odd appearence as he doesn't use the hologram to appear like an organic. He's always willing to try and help people and will attempt to avoid violence if at all possible, instead focusing on getting things done peaceably (in spite of his position)