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Mythosaur Munitions

Corporation Name: Mythosaur Munitions
Headquarters: Mandalore
Locations: Keldabe, Mandalore
Operations: Slugthrower ammunition design, manufacture, production, and sales.
Rationale: Betna is a marksman and hunter and hand loads his ammunition when he can. Through experimentation of both gunpowder levels and bullet designs, he has learned to hand craft ammunition for various calibers of weapons. Using earnings from various jobs, he has slowly built up from a back room in the clan homestead, to a relatively small manufacturing shop in Keldabe.

Tier: Currently Tier 2
Description: Mythosaur Munitions specializes in the design, manufacture, production, and sales of ammunition for slug thrower weaponry. They generally produce ammunition for the civilian market, namely big game hunting, though have been known to produce specialized ammunition for military buyers in moderate amounts. The company produces stock ammunition featuring standardized rounds with regulated levels of gunpowder, but also produces custom ammunition ranging from rare ammunition types to hand loaded ammunition featuring customer desired gunpowder levels and bullet variations.

The company is, at its present time, still in its early stages and has little influence on a grand scale. It its current form, it is primarily a small, novelty ammunition company. Its owner, Betna, however is looking to expand as time goes on.