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Myles Pravus

Myles Pravus

New Member
Name: Myles Pravus
Faction: N/a
Rank: N/a
Species: Coruscanti
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Height: 1.85 meters
Weight: 80 kg
Eyes: Grayish-Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: White
Force Senseitive: No
Strengths and Weaknesses:
His biggest weaknesses are the things he loves best: Gambling, money, fine liquors, ladies... Myles would risk his life for any of them. Unfortunately that is almost always the case, and he's not the most brawny man.
Myles makes up for his ordinary physique with skill at arms. Nimble and vigilant he sports a Tof Soren Hunting rifle as the instrument of his destruction. At close range he brandishes a T-6 Thunderer heavy blaster pistol.


Myles grew up on Coruscant as the son of a notorious Bounty Hunter whom was infamous for his love to turn in a dead bounty. It was his father's death that was the catalyst that drove Myles to be a killer himself. In time Myles began working as a freelancer on Coruscant. Normally he was hired as backup during drug and illegal arms deals, a job he excelled at. Other times he worked as a Bounty Hunter, or as he liked to call it, a professional killer.

- Tof Soren Hunting Rifle
- Combat attire
- Trench Coat
- Comlink

The Starlight-class was designed in the shape of a flying wing, measuring thirty-four meters in length. The cockpit was located at one end of the curved wing, with a turret-mounted blaster cannon mounted on the opposite end. The vessel could carry up to four passengers (not including the one pilot for the crew), and fifty metric tons of cargo. Its interior was very rugged with limited living space.


Bounties Collected:
None, yet.