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Mykes Vatak

Mykes Vatak


NAME: Mykes Taff
FACTION: Clan Australis

RANK: Engineer


AGE: 27

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 1.81 metres

WEIGHT: 75 kg

EYES: Hazel

HAIR: Dark Brown

SKIN: Slight Tan



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Force: Mykes has a mild force sensitivity but never really used it for much, more for focus and foreseeing dangers in his work, as well as to lift tools towards him. This ability has evolved with the force bond he holds.
Mechanic: Fighter, Freighter, Corvette, Cruiser, you name it. Mykes knows his way around, knows how to fix engines, reengineer a flight system, you name it.
Blades: Mykes has been trained by his lover in using blades in combat, but he has yet to learn more.
Prosthetic: His prosthetic limb is somewhat of a hindrance at times, being that of a cheap make. He has a limp, and finds running tough.
Unarmed: Mykes is unarmed and does not know how to fight. He cannot use a blaster, but with training has learned some skill.
Darkness: Due to his Hapan heritage, Mykes is blind in the dark. He always has to have a flashlight, or some sort of lightsource with him at all times.

A light tan appearance with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Appears rather dirty sometimes due to his dirty work as a mechanic aboard ships. He normally wears a leather jacket with a green undershirt, leather gloves, grey flight pants and black flight boots. He can appear sometimes as rather neutral, sometimes smiling or grinning but most of the time has a focused look about himself.

Mykes grew up on Hapan with his family. They later moved off to different systems, as his father worked on many ships. Mykes learned slowly to follow in his father's footsteps and then once he was old enough, went off on his own. He had worked on military and civilian ships alike, fixing fighters to freighters, working on corvettes to cruisers. He's seen many types of ships, and knows much.

About halfway through this new life of his he discovered he was sensitive to the force. He had heard rumors of this. But he had never fully put it to use. Till he realized he could float things, and focus on some things certain. He tended to use it by little, to help with his work. So far it has come in handy here and there.

The force however did not help him one day. The landing gear of a fighter had broken down and the force was too late to warn him of the impending danger. It fell atop him and he could always remember the crunch of his leg, the pain. And then waking up to have no feeling there. It took a few days to get adjusted to the prosthetic that he had spent most of his life savings on to get, so that he could continue his work.

Eventually, he came across [member="Rex Taff"] after he had been left on planet by the crew he was with. There he was accepted quickly due to his engineering skill, and became a quick friend of Rex's son, [member="Tom Taff"]. This blossomed into a relationship between the two, and soon they shared a force bond. Mykes tended to become flustered around him...then it all changed.

Rex disappeared, and news spread he had turned. In light of this, for the next few years he trained with Tom. He learned how to use a blade and the force more effectively. During his training, he made a lightsaber using a green crystal. Over their time together, they adopted a daughter of their own. And now, he waits for Rex to return. Eventually, this indeed happened. But not in the way they had expected.

Rex had returned, with company. And this company, after a heated argument between Rex and and Tom, killed him in cold blood. Scarring the son. Some time after, they couple were given a brighter time to look forward to, their wedding.
T1 'Megos Runner'




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