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Muscle Management [Taran]

Outskirts Of Sunrise Canyon

The beginning of the new era was slowly approaching. It was the beginning of something new for the planet Zeltros as Jomyn came to power. She had good intentions for the planet but her methods were..dark, to say the least. She showed great pride in herself and her people and wanted the best for them all so she had to make certain moves so that she can do just that.

Jomyn stood just outside the construction site of the future palace that she would call her home. She was awaiting a contact she had made. This man was coming to her to discuss becoming apart of her security detail. Jomyn always liked having a bit of muscle around her so that she could project her power whenever necessary.

"Where is this guy?" Jomyn was a patient woman but up to a point. She had an appointment with a contractor later and she preferred being early to her meetings. A deep part inside of her was excited to meet this man because it's been a while since she has spoken to a non-Zeltron.

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