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Question Multiple Alts For the Same Character/How to Handle a Shapeshifter

Casimir Heliobas

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Heliobas is a Shi'ido. A good chunk of the fun when it comes to playing as a shapeshifter is being able to assume various different personas. I was considering making alts specifically to play as these alternate identities. The alts and their bios would function in-universe like a fake ID, giving a false name and background, but it would still indicate that it's really Casimir Heliobas posing as whatever individual he's pretending to be.

It would be a bit of a hassle, but I can't really see any other logical way of going about this without it becoming too confusing and convoluted. I want to take full advantage of Heliobas' abilities and have more flexibility when it comes to roleplaying, but I don't want to have to announce who I'm pretending to be every time I join a thread, especially if the alternate identity is more complex than just a random monster or faceless bystander. However, I am concerned whether having multiple alts for what is technically the same character would violate the rules, or if others have attempted something like this in the past only to run into problems.
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Casimir Heliobas Casimir Heliobas

I don't believe there is a rule against it. As long as you mention in the main bio that you have the alts attached like you say, I can't see any problem with this.

I used to have an alter ego for this character when I played her in her Jedi Shadow guise. And I know of other people that have different alts for the same character to further their RP experience.

So go for it!
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Yeah, I have written undercover stories as Yuroic under the guise of another character, linked to the same bio and seemed fine. So agree with Coci Heavenshield Coci Heavenshield

Might be difficult to shape shift while in a thread, but as long as you talk OOC with the writers about it and how to keep the story flowing, sure there would be an amicable way of doing it!