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Approved NPC Muertos Death Squads

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Jax Vandal

Muertos Death Squad


  • Availability: Rare
  • Deployment: Minor
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: They specialize in urban warfare. They are experts at fighting in cities and operate best in the criminal underground. Armed with automatic slugthrowers and Echani vibroswords they are capable of taken down non-force users and force users alike. They aren't outfitted or trained to fight outside of the city and urban areas. Although, any dark side user trained in Mechu Deru poses a serious threat to them because of their cybernetics. While being ok marksmen, long range warfare will put them at a disadvantage. Many of the troops have dependencies on the Guava Juice and can overdose anytime their addiction goes too far, causing them to turn on each other and quickly die after.
  • Description: The Muertos Death Squads are the most advanced enforcers of the gang. They are used to intimidate and spread fear over a territory, or even within an enemies ranks. The squads use the Muertos' more advanced cybernetics kits and wear an integrated armor. Their armor interfaces with their cybernetics via the nervous system allowing them to control their HUD, comms, and their Guava Juice System with a thought. The G.J.S. injects a secret chemical mixture into the soldiers system making them faster, stronger, and more aggressive. They were trained in a secret rebel camp by a Mandalorian warrior. The death squads' tactics are built around spreading fear and intimidation.


The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
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Image Credit: Ninja Conceptual on by Unknown Artist, Pilot Machete Concepts on by Ryan Lastimosa, Elysium AK47 on by mr grimm
The link for Ninja Conceptual is not acceptable because of Pinterest, find another source. For Pilot Machete Concepts, it's not properly credited so I suggest you use this link instead.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Include a weakness that can be exploited in PvP scenarios and another general weakness to make this unit balanced.

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