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Approved Vehicle MPT Naga Multi-purpose Tanks

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  • Intent: To make a custmizable tank for the board, so people can make their own fun stuff
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: RMIA
  • Model: MPT Naga Multi-purpose tanks
  • Affiliation: Closed markets
  • Production: Limited
  • Modularity: High, the tank comes with mounts that are easily traded out to the user's needs, color may be changed as needed, as well as other cosmetic components.
  • Material: Quadranium steel
  • Classification: Multi-purpose tank
  • Role: Multi-purpose tank
  • Size: Average for a tank
    8m long
  • Weight: Light for a tank (30 tons)
  • Minimum Crew: 1
  • Optimal Crew: 2 (1 pilot, 1 gunner)
  • Propulsion: Repulsorlift
  • Speed: Fast: 125 km/h
  • Maneuverability: High
  • Armament: (Stock weapons are noted here, but are easily changed out for weapons of their equal size)1 heavy cannon mount (Electromagnetic Plasma cannon)
  • 1 Medium secondary cannon mount (Flack cannon)
  • 2 Forward mounted all-purpose launchers [Each holds 4] (1 with SSMs, 1 with SAMs)
  • 1 Rear mounted all purpose launcher [holds 3] (Anti-personnel or anti-vehicle mines)
  • 1 Forward mounted light repeater mount (50 cal anti-infantry repeating rail gun)
[*]Defenses: Moderate
  • Qaudranium steel lined hull
  • Shield unit (Deflector shields, ray shields)
[*]Squadron Count: 5, this is intended to be a solo craft. It is not sold in squadrons.
[*]Passenger Capacity: 4 (cramped) up to 12 can ride on top at their own risk)
[*]Cargo Capacity: 50kg
  • Long range advanced scanners (Bio scanners, Heat scanners electromagnetic, infared, ultraviolet, echolocation, SONAR, RADAR)
  • Sealed, environmentally controlled cabin with built in air purifiers/recyclers
  • Long range encrypted comms
  • High def HUD and military grade targeting unit
  • Satellite uplink capacity
  • Floodlights
  • Scanner Jammer
  • Modular: This tank is designed to be as versatile as they come. RMIA intended to corner a specific market here, with mercenaries and other rogue-ish types. The Naga tank is able to have every one of its weapon components swapped out for something of the same payload size, making it ideal for the army with more needs than budget to buy a fleet of tanks (or the solo soldier who likes his ground speeder to be more adaptable and heavy hitting than most).
  • State of the art swivel: The turret mount is able to easily move without a hitch in a pretty broad 360x100 radius with surprising speed. The tank has a bigger problem reloading and recharging its weaponry than it has swiveling its turret to aim down sights at whatever its hitting. If its an air craft coming in to bomb or if its a hoard of troops charging to their doom, the Naga is ready to pound it as fast as its ready to come at it.
  • Ajile and fast; The speed of this baby is really beautiful. She moves with the grace of a cat, and the agility of a dancer. Some have gotten behind her steering yoke and marveled, "Is this really a tank?!"
  • Power problem: With great power comes great responsibility. With a great lack of power comes a need for cunning over brute force. The Naga is able to do a lot--but not all at once. Its main gun is not able to fire when moving over half its max speed or running the shields at full power--there just isn't enough to go around. The same goes for max speed and max shields, they operate on a sliding scale with max shields running at the stand still and max speed running at zero shields. In situations like that, you better pray she's as fast and agile as the dealer claimed.
  • Wheels: That's right, not treads, not repulsorlifts, but wheels are this tank's traction. While the six wheel drive gives it a leg up against four wheel drive, increased speed and agility over treads, and the need to not worry about those pesky repulsorlift mines, it does give a few problems. First, even the military grade rubber these things are made from have a limit. They will stand up to small arms fire for a long time, but a direct hit from rocketry will bring this baby to a stand still--or in the very least REALLY slow her down.
  • Mounts: Just because you can do some combos, doesn't make them ideal. Also, trading out guns on the Naga is possible, but it takes at least a few hours in ideal conditions, in unideal conditions, days.

"Adapt. Learn. Reform. Overcome. These are the principles we must live by to surivive war."
--Ordo Raxis to Ardgal moments before they stormed Geonosis
Named after the ancient mythological shape shifting snake, the Naga tank is able to do just that--adapt, learn, reform, and overcome. Made for the soldier with more wants than tanks they desire to employ the Naga takes the mentality that the consumer can and will change their products to suit their needs. All this firepower comes at a serious cost, the cabins are pretty cramped with barely enough room for the Gunner, pilot and four other passengers.

But its all worth it. The slim body line makes the Naga able to charge, blitz, and roll with surprising agility for its size and firepower (this comes at the cost of shield usage and the main gun's usage). The Naga is able to blitz enemy lines, moving from one end of the battle field to the other faster than most other tanks--just pray you aren't ambushed on the way. Of course the gunner was not overlooked for upgrades. The gun chassis is able to swivel and lock on targets with rivaled agility and speed. No more catching the badguy catching you cranking to get a sight on them. The pilot has access to the forward mounted repeater as their only weapon, everything else belongs to that gunner.

The Naga is really not meant to be a hammer like the Hellstorm Tank created by RMIA before. No, the Naga is meant to truly be the extention of the user. The user's cunning, the user's skill, and the user's tactics take center stage on the Naga rather than its powerful guns. In the right hands its a weapon of great power. In the wrong hands--its a death sentence.
[member="Ardgal Raxis"]

Ardgal Raxis said:
1 heavy cannon mount (Electromagnetic Plasma cannon) 1 Medium secondary cannon mount (Flack cannon) 2 Forward mounted all-purpose launchers [Each holds 4] (1 with SSMs, 1 with SAMs) 1 Rear mounted all purpose launcher [holds 3] (Anti-personnel or anti-vehicle mines) 1 Forward mounted light repeater mount(50 cal anti-infantry repeating rail gun)
This is significantly above the cookie cutter, though not abusively so.

Ardgal Raxis said:
Squadron Count: 12 (usually used solo, this is intended to be sold with indivual units, though it can be sold ins squads.
This is double the cookie cutter squadron count.

You've reduced the production and defenses, but increased the speed and maneuverability.

What I would like to see is another strong weakness, or reduce the squadron count and a weaker weakness.
[member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="Taryc Ap'Irae"]

Ardgal Raxis said:
Squadron Count: None, this is intended to be a solo craft. It is not sold in squadrons.
That isn't actually the purpose of the squadron count. It's a measure of how many of these are equivalent to the below:

Raziel said:
(How many of these vehicles are equal to the weight and size of 12 X-wing starfighters? This can be a rough estimate.)
I would advise correcting that, and then either lower the speed considerably to compensate for the extra guns, or remove the 2 Forward mounted all-purpose launchers [Each holds 4] (1 with SSMs, 1 with SAMs), or add another exploitable weakness. For a light tank, this is just doing too much with not enough balance.
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