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Approved Tech MourningStar :: Saberstaff of the Dominion Queen

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๖ۣۜMourning ๖ۣۜStar

Intent: Felt like making a thread for it like all the cool kids are doing. :cool:

Development Thread: None yet.

Manufacturer: Personal

Model: Saberstaff of the Dominion Queen

Affiliation: High Queen Alachei Mnemenos of the Mnenchei Dominion

Modularity: Typical Saber Modularity

Production: Unique Duo

Material: Durasteel (shaft), Gold (trim), Electrum (studs), Quilted Leather (hilt), Mnencheiasurian Spider Silk Wrap (grips), Transparisteel (edges)

Description: Crafted in part by the finest artisan blacksmiths of the Mnenchei peoples, Mourningstar is a truly masterful weapon. Each crystal was finely cut and refined into perfect shape from only the finest specimens of raw Kalestat Crystal on all of Mnencheiasus, lending to the beams' beautiful goniochromatic pink core. It incorporated the same multiple-phase emitters as the one bought at the Bakuran Arms Shot and fitted into Mnemenos' greatsaber. While impractical and arguably insane, both blades can reach a variable length between four to eight feet without power failure. A four-way button pad offers length and width control, while two sliders on the side adjust the overall intensity of the each blade individually. While Mourningstar is capable of reaching incredible lengths - as it is essentially two Mnenchei-sized sabers fused together - it uses a compact battery system for comfort and weight reduction which greatly reduces the time both blades can remain active when fully extended; there is also the obvious danger of toting a sixteen-foot rod of solar-hot plasma around.

Classification: Saberstaff

Size: One or Two Handed

Hilt :: 32 in. / .8128 m.
Overall :: 128 - 224 in. / 3.2512 - 5.6896 m.
Weight: 3.76073 kg.

Other Features: Being such a high grade lightsaber with such a finely chosen crystal, it is very durable and resistant to beams and other sabers, especially of a lower power.
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