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Morrigan de Cath


NAME: Morrigan de Cath

RANK: Jedi Padawan

SPECIES: Kushiban

AGE: 28

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 2'0"

WEIGHT: 22 lbs

EYES: Varied - Change color depending on mood

HAIR: White at rest - Changes color depending on mood


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

- Small stature: easily outmatched in strength
- Guarded: Slow to trust others or make alliances
- Mood Fur and eyes: At a disadvantage if trying to lie (also injured)

​- Resilient and Resourceful
- Cunning

Mature Kushiban with mostly white fur and amber eyes at rest. Has tiny sharp claws underneath fluffy paws.

Morrigan, trained to fight with weapons, knows little about fighting with the Force. She self-exiled because she disagreed with her master's way of teaching. He was too cruel, but she still blames herself for leaving. She made herself a makeshift ship and was stranded on a new planet when it broke down. She's fighting to regain her standing in the Galactic Alliance and better understand her force powers.

Morrigan built a small shuttle on her home planet, equipped with one blaster and a storage unit for her weapons and supplies. The rest of the ship holds navigation and a small living quarters (and one plant).



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