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Factory Denied Morphanite

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  • Intent: To create a substance that can morph non-Force users into Force users. This will be used to flesh out my characters backstory.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Permissions: Metagenetix
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Name: Morphanite
  • Manufacturer: Metagenetix
  • Affiliation: Company Metagenetix
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: pharmaceutical components.
  • Classification: Drug
  • Method of Consumption: Injected once
  • Average Life: Indefinitely
  • Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose: Side effects include an inability to control the mutation the drug caused. It also causes the subject to be highly emotional and makes controlling emotions very difficult.
  • Gives a non-Force user 1 Force ability.
  • A non-Force user will be able to have one ability in the Force.
  • No other Force abilities granted. If a person gains the ability to create fire with the Force they will not be able to use telekinesis or a mind trick.
  • The granted ability is not easy to control
  • The person who takes the substances becomes highly emotional and finds it difficult to control their emotions
  • This substance is highly toxic to Force users and will not grant them any additional abilities. It will however make ALL of their Force abilities difficult to control.
  • It is impossible to predict what Force ability will manifest itself in a non-Force user

The drug was founded based on the work of a young graduate student named Klavin Rand. Rand was experimenting with a gene splicing technology at the University of Coruscant and studying bio-engineering. After several attempts Rand was able to produce a serum that could give Non-Force users a unique ability in the Force. He called this serum Morphanite. Unfortunately there were side effects to the drug, and all of the animal test subjects became emotionally unstable. When Rand applied for a grant to continue his research the university turned him down, citing an incident in which several Rancors went emotionally crazy and killed some researchers. The university determined this research was too dangerous to continue.

Rand was certain he could make the serum work and alter the effects if he was able to get human test subjects. Unfortunately with no company or university backing him he did not have an ethical means of obtaining participants for his research. He went to the underworld and started looking for a new way to fund his experiments. It wasn't until a dark Jedi known as Lady Sinistra discovered Rand's research and reached out to him that the serum would be produced on a larger scale. Sinistra brought Rand to a private facility on Aviprine to test on human subjects. The relationship eventually turned hostile when Rand learned that Sinistra was forcing subjects to participate and that non of them had given consent. Rand tried to leave the planet but Sinistra forbid it and kept him hostage, forcing him to conduct the work on unwilling subjects.

Eventually Rand was able to create a serum that when injected into a non-Force user granted them one Force ability without them going crazy. The non-Force users still displayed heightened emotions and found that controlling their Force power was very difficult, often leading to accidents and chaos.
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When it comes to your Permissions field, that one's intended to be used for permissions for submissions you're including in your content that were submitted by other writers. If you're using things that you submitted yourself you're fine just leaving this one filled with N/A.

I really dig this in concept, it's really cool idea, but I don't think it's quite there yet when it comes to being balanced. Here are my concerns:

I'm not comfortable with this being a permanent alteration a person experiences based off of taking the drug once. While there are options out there to make people more Force sensitive permanently, they're not as convenient and easily attained as a simple drug injection. Consider changing it to acting more like a traditional drug that alters the state of a person for a duration depending on their metabolism. Something like an artificial unstable midichlorian injection that grants a temporary connection to the Force while the midichlorians slowly deteriorate inside the body could be a way to do it, but you're obviously free to do your own thing in that respect as it's your submission. Consider adding diminishing returns with each additional use too, similar to how a regular drug might work, or potentially even being lethal if it's used again.

This also leads into the aspect of only gaining one singular Force Power. They're not governed by singular biological mechanisms inside the body that can just randomly mutate and grant you a specific power. The Force is a lot more like a separate, metaphysical muscle that a person has to learn to control in order to produce various effects like the Force Abilities we see listed on the Wookiee, rather than simply gaining some mutation and suddenly having access to all the training and knowledge required to use a specific ability. Changing this sub to better reflect the versatile nature of the Force by granting someone temporary access to the Force rather than just one specific Force Ability would make a lot more sense in the canon of Star Wars. Could you change that in some way to reflect this better?

Furthermore, the Production of Limited for a drug that grants Force abilities to non-force users is a little high, I think a lowered rating of Semi-Unique would be more appropriate.

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Aldric Aldric so I did not know there was already cannon stuff that could make people more force sensitive. Since it already exists I don't need this submission I can just use what I found on Wookipedia.

Thank you for reviewing.
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