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Approved Tech Moridins Holocron

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Intent: To Create Moridins holocron so others may have his knowledge.

Development Thread: Was lost in the purge, but I guess you could take every single Moridin thread ever and put it here?

Manufacturer: Moridin

Model: Sith Holocron

Affiliation: Moridin/Sith

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: Various Materials

Description: Moridins holocron has one stark difference that sets it apart from all other Sith Holocrons. Moridin like most Sith wanted to ensure that his knowledge only went to those most worthy. To make sure of this Moridins holocron had a special feature. When opened and activated Moridins holocron immediately connects to the person that opened it via physical contact, the Holocron then immediately “Downloads” all of its available contents into the activators memory.

The Holocron achieves this through a sort of reverse Memory Walk. The process is incredibly painful as the victim quite literally receives dozens of petabytes of information in just a few seconds. This process is extremely damaging to the mind often causing Coma's, psychic breaks, amnesia, and even death. Whether or not the user of the holocron is capable of handling the contents of the holocron is decided via Dice roll*.

How the Holocron effects a person is entirely dependent on who opened it. Due to the nature of its contents Lightsiders will often suffer the worst of the effects, almost always ending in death. Weak Sith however will find similar effects because they are unable to “comprehend” the knowledge.

*OOC Note: How the Holocron effects the (PC) opener is entirely up to them. I obviously cannot dictate how people will be effected by this device though will all ways encourage some very harmful side-effects. More often than not NPC's will always die however. This is how my character would pass down his knowledge and thus I feel its important to do it this way and go with the dice roll. The Dice roll is a simple d6. If the number is odd, the user gains gains all information within the holocron. If the number is Even, but a five or a three they gain only partial information, if they roll a one, the user dies.

Appearance: Moridin's holocron looks different from many other holocrons. Instead of being a cube, or pyramid or even octagon Moridins holocron is a cylinder. The cylinder when unused falls apart into three pieces, this makes it so the Holocron can be in a state of disrepair making the knowledge upon it impossible to access. When the three pieces are put together however everything functions perfectly. The Holocron gives off a soft glow and when activated the three pieces form a perfect cylinder. The Two end pieces form a sort of "key" allowing the central piece to open up and reveal a crystal. This crystal is where the data is stored and it is the revealing of the crystal that activates the download. If someone were to try and force their way into the central piece without the two end pieces there is a mechanism inside the cylinder that would cause the crystal and thus the data to be destroyed

Contents: The Sum total of all of Moridins knowledge, experience, and musings. This includes the forging of Sith Artifacts, the entering and returning from Chaos, Force Walking, Sever Force, Force Drain, Force Lightning, Sith Alchemy, Some Sith magic, and other things that Moridin learned throughout his lifetime.

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Got to look at this on skype, it's just a holocron with an odd way to transfer data. Pretty feasible in my opinion, and notes are made that let the writer dictate how the effects happen exactly. I think I'm alright in approving this.

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