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Nicademus Blith

War as a business to end war as a business

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Corporation Name: Mon Calamari Shipyards
Headquarters: Dac/Mon Cal
Mon Cala
Krinemonen III

Operations: Star Ship
Star Ship Systems
Tier: 2
After the dissapearance of the former owner of Mon Calamari shipyards Reshmar, a major intergalactic bank seized all of their assets due to failing buisness. The entire buisness was seized as repayment and put up for auction to the highest bidder. Nicademus Blith, owner of Blith Tech was able to quickly move in and buy out most of the companies assets including all of their former product designs bringing it into his vast stock portfolio, leaving him the majority owner of the company. He began going through and fixing what had caused the company to fail in the first place, beginning numerous new programs in order to help get the company back on its feet,

Nicademus encountered resistance however when the Mon Cal started protests about the hostile takeover by a non Mon Calamari, they were rather suspicious of an offworlder owning the shipyards, and many workers striked fearing that they might lose their jobs to human workers from off world. Nicademus eased these fears when he vowed to keep the company independent from his main company Blith Tech and to continue to employ cheifly Mon Calamari workers, keeping jobs on Mon Cal. He did not want to anger the populace or cause a widespread feeling of distrust between the people and the shipyards new owners, which would be both bad for business and for the long term stability of the planet.

Nicademus has already begun rejuvenating the company, allowing it to begin to get back on its feat after the sad disappearance of its owner, and the future already looks bright for the company even only after a few months, growth is up 50% and investors are scrambling to invest in the newly relisted company, hopefully this bright future remains for the company, for both the new owner and all of Mon Cal.

Nicademus bought out the company in a forclosure auction becoming the new majority owner, the buyout costed him billions of credits and lots of political clout but he was able to buy out the ailing company. He began to quickly rebuild it to repay the debt incurred from this hostile takeover.


Parent Corporation: N/A

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Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Nicademus Blith"]

This is a canon company previously owned by another PC as noted in your submission. As per our rules here an RPJ will contact the original owner of the company to assess their Inactivity.

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The original owner of Mon Calamari Shipyards has come to me to state that he is letting go of the canon company and that it is up for grabs for anyone to take.

As such, this does not need to go through standard protocol.

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