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Approved Tech Molgus's Armor

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Link To The Original Image

Intent: To provide Molgus with suitable armor
Development Thread: None
Manufacturer: Molgus
Model: MAV1
Affiliation: Molgus
Modularity: It can not be augmented, modified, customized or adapted in any way
Production: Unique
Material: Iron
Description: When Molgus first joined the Sith, he abandoned everything he had stood for, he changed his name and the way he appeared by designing his own simple armor and crafted it out of iron that he tainted black. It is used to hide Molgus's true identity and has no special properties, although it does provide him with simple protection and free movement. It does not protect against most things and is easily broken.

Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 30 Kilograms
Quality: Class 3
Other Feature(s): Nothing


Stark raving silly
First, no armor on that weight should allow free movement for a humanoid. This thing's gonna slow you down, even if you are a large man.

Second, your bio is not a dev thread. A dev thread is a thread, preferably with other people, where you post the design and implementation of your equipment. Not every piece of tech requires it. In most circumstances this submission would not require it.

Thirdly is the reason you were asked to make this submission in the first place--your choice of image. That's the real problem with this submission. You look like a pre-existing character from the movies who is, arguably, the single most visible aesthetic in the franchise. Now, the way I see it we have two options. You can either switch to a different look for the armor and play-by, or you can create a dev thread explaining why your armor looks like the most well-known Dark Jedi in galactic history.

If I placed a character on a site that took place on Earth, with normal earth history, and I dressed like Abraham Lincoln constantly, people would notice it, and there would be a reason for it. Not, by any mean,s a rational reason, but a reason. So, I need to know, as does the rest of the site: Why is your character dressed like Vader? Why, or how, did you come across this design, and why did you consciously choose to adopt it?

Edit: Forgot to tag you, sorry about that.



As you suggested I changed the weight and image, I now realize how dumb I was to think I could get away with Vader armor and I think it is ready for judging
Not open for further replies.