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Mobile Assault Gunship Transport "Maggot"


Out of Character Info
Intent: To create a transport gunship for upcoming CMBT units
Image Source: deviainart
Canon Link: N/A
Development Thread: N/A
Primary Source: N/A
Manufacturer: Hansol Mining Corporation
Model: Mobile Assault Gunship Transport
Affiliation: Outer Rim Coalition, Closed-Market
Production: Limited
Low Friction Iron
Classification: Dropship
Length: 18.7 meters
Width: 9.3 meters
Height: 7.9 meters
Rating: Average
Front mounted 220-degree rotating autoblaster
Two side mounted 140-degree laser cannons
Two proton torpedo launchers
Rating: Moderate
Durasteel hull
Redundant deflector shields
Two flare launchers (four flares each for redirection of heat seeking missiles)
Squadron Count: 5
Maneuverability Rating: High
Speed Rating: Moderate
Hyperdrive Class: Average
Special Features:
Radial engines
Low Friction Iron
Drop down seats
Small medical station
Maneuverable: understanding the fire a troop transport ship receives in combat, its designers developed the MAGT to be more agile than most other transports in its class
Medical station: knowing that the ship will be used very often to pull troops out of a firefight, it is equipped with a basic aid station to stabilize any patients wounded until further aid can be received.
Roomy: while it is about as long as a LAAT, it's width of the actual cabin is larger than one and can hold a maximum of 40 troops
Hold on Tight: the MAGT is much more maneuverable, and if the drop down seats are not deployed, which only hold 30, there will be too many troops, and are they are often tossed around by the pilots' maneuvers
The MAGT was designed to be a much-improved version of the old LAAT gunship used by the ancient Republic. They did this by mounting the engines to arms away from the hull and having them on swivel mounts, allowing for 360-degree rotation in the y-direction of an x-y-z coordinate grid. However, to make sure the struts wouldn't snap under too much pressure, the engines are smaller than normal engines by a factor of 25%.
The dropship is outfitted with few weapons, most are effective primarily in ground support with the most effective defense against starships being the missile pods mounted on top. The forward swivel autoblaster has a high rate of fire and can clear a group of ground enemies fast. I[/size]t is controlled from the cockpit by the co-pilot but with a slow turn time, it is hard to use to target starfighters, and as only one, is not that damaging except for small interceptors. The two side mounted laser cannons can be operated from the inside hanger area, and have a limited view due to being pressure sealed for the user to survive in space. They can be mounted with spotlights if needed. The proton torpedoes are mounted in a similar location to an LAAT, near the back in a slightly elevated point.
The Maggot has no more than normal armor but has one thing that most small transports do not, a small shield generator, capable of stopping most starfighter weapons for a short while before they become overloaded. This design choice was due to the realization that heavy armor would weigh more than a small shield generator, and would stop damage from being done to the ship. To counter the threat of heat-seeking missiles, flares were introduced to divert any of such missiles, however, they do not usually work for visual based missiles.
Hull and Inside
The hull is created using a standard hull with durasteel armor, however, to help increase speed the engineers have covered the hull entirely in low friction iron, which with it only being a coating, does not reduce the effectiveness of the armor, but constantly needs to be re-coated to keep the effect working unless it is not damaged in any way. Inside there is a small rampway that leads to the cockpit to allow astromechs ability to reach the controls. The cockpit has 2 seats and room for an astromech. In case of an emergency, it can seal itself off with an energy field. The hanger has room for up to 40 average sized people and is 11 meters by 4.6 meters. There is a single row of straps that can drop down from the ceiling and hold 10 troops on each side for a total of 20. There are also 5 seats along the front and back wall. Then there is a small door that leads to a 4 by 4.6-meter medical station, with a bacta tank in case of emergency, along with stuff for normal battle injuries and basic antibiotics.

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