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Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

Image Credits: Pokemon Magikarp

Name: [Name of the species]
Designation: [Sentient, semi, or non-sentient]
Homeworld: [Name of homeworld, and link to the thread for the homeworld if custom]
Language: [List common languages of this species]
Average Lifespan: [In standard years]
Estimated Population: [Is it common throughout the galaxy? Only found on a single world? Only being of its kind?]

Average height of adults: [In meters]
Average length of adults: [In meters. If not applicable put N/A]
Skin color: [List commons skin colors]
Hair color: [List common hair colors, if any]
Distinctions: [Unique physical traits that define what they are]

Breathes: [Type of atmosphere or medium it breathes]
Strengths: [2 minimum]
Weaknesses: [2 minimum]

Races: [Not subspecies, distinct cultural or physical races (aka, just like human races).]

Diet: [List common foods, what is poisonous]
Communication: [List common communication medium]
Culture: [Describe general culture]
Technology level: [Describe societal technology level]
General behavior: [Describe general behaviors]

History: [Describe an abridged history. If your species is genetically engineered or Sithspawn, this is where to add links to the thread(s) where your new species was developed. A development thread, whether of creation or discovery, is required for all genetically engineered/alchemically created life forms being submitted to the Factory.]

Notable Player-Characters: [List player-characters]

Intent: [Describe the plan for this species. NOTE: This section alone can have your species dismissed. Species created on a whim or for purposes to undermine the integrity of Star Wars will not be approved.]

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