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Mnenchei Dominion Q&A: Hoping to Enlighten More People to What We Are


Mnenchei Dominion Q&A ❖​

Hey everyone. Lately things have slowly kind have been evening out, and the induction of new members joining has been slower that at first. I saw another group - the Jedi, I think? - do a QnA so I figured that would also be a great idea to do for the Dominion. I know there is a bit of confusion regarding it, and there is also a lot I haven't had the chance to really clarify since creating it and us making it major. So without further delay:

1. What is the Dominion?
Well, the Mnenchei Dominion is a brand new major faction. Originally it was just a plot piece and more or less only served to look pretty while simultaneously keeping everything together. Now, it's something even greater with a few kind, humble roleplayers involved and hopefully many more to come. The name derived from "Mnenchei Monarchy," which was originally the governing body of the original Mnenchei race. Somewhere along the line, others got involved, whether through my plotting or people taking an interest to my character. The next thing you know, we had about eleven individuals and were pushing for Valen! (We didn't make it in time for Valen... but at least we made it to Major!)
As it stands now, the Dominion is a Neutral side faction that sits in the pocket between the northeast Republic and southern Mandalorian space. We're pushed up comfortably right against the edge of the galaxy, in the middle of Unknown space. It is my goal to have that pocket filled with dominions (ironically) and a nice big cloud of our color! There is more to it than just gaining space, planet by planet however. In character, a goal of peace, unity and preservation of the natural balance drives us. Out of character I just want the faction to have a good time roleplaying with others and vice verse. Every planet is more than just a territory; it's a community, and part of a unity that I hope many of us to share.

2. So How Did It Start?
To be honest, I really don't know, heh! I remember making the group at first strictly for plotting purposes with my character, Alachei Mnemenos, and her species the Mnenchei. Through plotting and socializing, it started gaining a few members. All of a sudden, I realized it could really go places; the Mnenchei even had a solid backing lore, after all. The drive to be something bigger, something greater and cutting edge and different - that is what really made it grow into a goal to become a major faction.

3. What Does the Dominion Stand For?
The Dominion was meant to be a safe haven for the Mnenchei homeworld and a means to find prosperity in a galaxy divided. A humble and patient old peoples, they strive to live fulfilling lives and spread peace throughout civilization. The interesting thing is, it is lead by a monarchy, and it was a theocratic, dynastic monarchy that gave way to this monarchy centuries ago but it is not the same as a typical kingdom when the word comes to mind. It is not about riches or gold or control; the matriarch is a very sort of maternal, caring role where the stability of the Dominion's society is always a prime concern. After all, every queen is supposedly chosen by the god/dess! To really sum it up, interstingly enough, it's sort of a Utopian society caught between a Dystopian world.
Force users play a huge role in the Dominion as well, at least from an ideological viewpoint. This is the Star Wars verse after all, and the Force is what generates a huge portion of its individuality and appeal. Some Force groups such as the Jedi are pro-Light and fight to eliminate the Sith. Others, such as the Sith themselves who are pro-Dark, wish to spread the ways of the Dark side and are thus mortal enemies of the Light. Then there are all those who fall between, somewhere in that "grey" space. I decided that it was time for something different than Light, Dark and Grey. That it wasn't about the Living Force or the Unified Force. What if it wasn't about picking sides or trying to unite it? There is very much a "Yin Yang" aspect to the Justiciary's beliefs and by extention the faction as a whole, concerning these things. Every action, Light or Dark, has an equal and opposite reaction. The Dominion sees it as their job to make sure that both are upheld and kept in harmony with one-another, rather than treating the Force as a sideless entity or zealously following one sect. If the Jedi were completely correct, after thousands of years wouldn't they have already won?

4. Where Do You See the Dominion X Months from Now?
Well, that is both a partly evolving and partly abscent question. The definitive answer is; I don't know yet. The beauty of coming together as a group is that there's always room for change, room for influence and circumstances will arise than no one every thought would happen that way. We might make alliances in strange places, discover new enemies, build rivalries and competition. With so many groups and so many other players, it's never truly possible to completely predict the future. The best part of forum RP - at least in my humble opinion - is that you never truly know where it's going to take you. You may have an "A" and "Z", but how you get there and what "Z" really is, is always up in the air.

5. What Opportunities Does the Dominion Offer?
There should be something in it for everyone, no matter what their skills or level or species! Even Sith, provided they are not hell-bent on evil and destruction. If there's not, then I have it in my best interests to make it so! Having a Marine Corps and Navy seem to be the precedent in sci-fi wartime forces, and naturally so. An Air Force would just be impractical, and an Army usually isn't very far behind in any case, preferring station on a planet or outpost instead. In that aspect, the Dominion is very much like other factions. However, the military is such a small fraction of the grand scheme of the group, and there's an opportunity waiting for almost everyone. Our Force faction was, or at least I'd like to think, uniquely and carefully thought out, and has a lot to advertise like completely original lightsaber arts, sorcery, eventually alchemy, and more. Whether you play a vigilant soldier, a civilian shopkeeper just trying to make ends meet, captain of a barely-legal frigate trading less that reputable goods from other nations, an assassin working for the royal clan to thwart their enemies, or even a powerful or aspiring Force adept seeking to hone your skills and find a peaceful existence; there is value in almost every archetype. Man, woman, both, neither, machine, beast, it matters little. Missions will always be added by the faction administration both on an IC eventual basis and when needed OOC. Every cog, lightest to largest makes the machine turn. The only thing missing is you!

6. Who Are Your Allies? Who Are Your Enemies?
As of this posting, we have no enemies and I am working to get diplomacy threads up anddone so that we can have at least neutral relationships with the Republic, the Confederacy, apparently even the Protectorate. (And of course hopefully the Galactic Empire, our next-door neighbors.) Being that the Dominion is devoted to the ideals of a balance between Light and Dark, equal and opposite, there are no natural enemies as each plays a characteristic role in the harmony and greater good of the galaxy; for what is life without death, or dark without light?

7. What Makes the Dominion Different?
Aside from all of the above, and all of our creations from lightsabers to capital ships, we are different because we do us. One of the things I notice on a lot of sites is that as a group progresses in size, it becomes very political. The leadership tries to cater to everyone, but can only pick majorities, sometimes infighting occurs or complacency might kick in. All of these things can be very deterring for a member trying to get their RP groove going. The Mnenchei Dominion is lead by a monarchy, by very definition one entity. In character, it is the High Queen's duty to oversee the people of the Dominion and make certain that all is well as a matriarch. Out of character, I am always listening to what others feel or desire. If it benefits the group, or the individual(s) can be accommodated without negative effect, I never ignore or dismiss anyone's concerns. Everyone, from citizen to governor and beyond has equal OOC say, and can never overrule the queen to manipulate others in an unruly way IC or leverage personal agendas. I would never leave the faction in the wrong hands if I ever wished or needed to step down, so there will always be that level of assurance! Honestly, if it cannot be that way, then the Dominion should not continue to exist, because it would not be the one I built on these principles but a husk of something else. Though I believe we will continue and thrive for many months to come!

8. Why "Mnenchei Dominion"?
The Mnenchei is what inspired it all. In character, it was the Mnenchei monarchy that forged the Dominion as it were. It was a Mnenchei girl that took the seat of queen through her endeavors of diplomacy, exploration and discovery. The Mnenchei were the foundation of this wonderful faction in concept, but they are not all that comprises it! And no; they're not dominatrices, the queen is actually quite the innocent! :3
As always, the Mnenchei species is open to creation for anyone to use as a Player Character. It is one of the few things I publicly and openly -wish- for people to use, and I took great pride and care in making them so that they could be greatly enjoyed.

Have any questions that this doesn't answer? Feel free to drop them here! I'll answer them as soon as readily possible, and try to reply in a timely fashion.