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Mir'Raziya Al'Shaddai


Hunting Again
Name: Mir'Raziya Al'Shaddai
Aliases: Krystle, Raz, Krystle Chaos, Shai, Lying Hound (Lye)
Gender: Female
Age: Dirt

Shai's Tukata Form


Species: Tuk'ata
Height: 4'3'' at the whither.
Length: 12'9'' head to tail end.
Weight: 990lbs

Notable Accesories: A thick alchemically enhance leather collar upon which a chain of metal seals and a bejeweled sith amulet are inlaid. The metal adornments are imbued with Sith Sorcery and inscribed with the containment spells that hold Shai's soul firmly in place and give her the ability to takeover the body of any creature/being possessed of a weak enough mind for her to overcome. Shai's soul is sealed within the Sith Amulet that stands as the centerpiece. Very dark, very powerful magic holds it in place. There are protection spells in place as well, as part of her punishment of servitude, so that she cannot escape it through death. When a host body dies, the amulet simply goes dormant until a new potential body finds it. Then, in a very Tolkien-esque-Ring-manner, it possesses the body with it's will, luring the new host with the promise of power and other such things.

Strengths / Weaknesses:
Aside from possessing the body of a killing machine, Raziya was very strong in the Dark Arts of the Force. Things such as Force Fear and the manipulation of the Darkside on the minds of others came swiftly and naturally to her. She was always a predator, even in her original form, so hunting and killing came naturally too.

However, Shai possesses a terrible weakness against the power of the Lightside. She cannot overcome it. Against a powerful Jedi, she is typically useless. A coward, even. Being that the Darkside and killing things is really all she's ever known, she doesn't understand things such as right and wrong. She understands instinct.

Pheremones are particularly good tools to use against her as well. As is raw meat or the smell of a fresh kill. Blood gets her going, and drooling.

Shai is also confined to the strengths and weaknesses that her host body affords her. As a Tuk'ata, she is generally compelled to guard things, to hunt things, to eat things. She is also quite affable in a "dog" like manner in that, once you have asserted some form of dominance over her, she's like to follow commands like a beta member of a pack. Let's not even talk about throwing sticks or balls. She likes the idea of a pack and desires it, even.

This will hold true for practically any body she takes. Fish gatta swim. Birds gatta fly. Banthas...well, I'm not entirely sure what they gatta do but it's probably interesting.

Shai's original form:
Species: Genetically Altered Arkanian Human of Avogwi and Dazouri hybrid. (All canon races/creatures)
Age: Unknown, appears to be in late twenties.
Height: 6'
Weight: 170 lbs
Eyes: White with avian-like pupils that enable her to see nearly five times better than a human, and in the dark.
Hair: Black, straight, slightly longer than waist length. She often wears it in unusual styles, adding dyed streaks and extensions through braids and the like.
Distinctive features: Instead of normal human teeth she is equipped with full sets of fangs. Arching down both sides of her head are rows of small spikes. On her back is a tattoo of her Experiment number, written in Arkanian glyphs while the remainder of her body is covered in tribal tattoos, including a good majority of her face.

Information on the species:

The Arkanians: this was the race of near-humans which were native to the planet Arkania. They were distinguished from baseline human stock by their milky-white, pupil-less eyes and four fingers on each hand. The Arkanians were best-known for their extensive research into genetic manipulation, especially in the development of the Yaka species, although there was a perception during the era of the New Order that the Arkanians were "mad scientists" who were going to enslave the human race. As a people, Arkanians were arrogant beings who had little tolerance for rude behavior. Arkanians were also somewhat xenophobic, and believed themselves to be superior to most other races.

tall, predatory birds native to Altor 14, they have three opposable fingers on each wing. They are primitive and lawless, and despise technology. They are often called Altorian Birds. Much of the Avogwi society is dominated by the teachings of Toro-toral, which detail the elaborate ritual duels among Avogwi. Many Avogwi found off their homeworld are employed as bounty hunters. Emperor Palpatine subjugated a number of Avogwi during the New Order, using drugs and the Dark Side of the Force to keep the Avogwi hallucinating about their deepest fears. They were then used as vicious guards, while stormtroopers were used for more important tasks. The Avogwi are carnivorous. It is scientifically possible that the Avogwi and Nuiwit are descended from the same ancestors, although neither race will admit to it.

this was a race of polymorphous beings, genetic cousins to the Lahsbees, which could shape their bodies into two distinct forms. Their normal form, known as its "rest form," was that of a short humanoid. Their larger form, known as the "rage form," was that of a huge, horned beast. Normal Dazouri are cunning creatures, while those in their "rage form" were homicidal maniacs.

Bio: Mir'Raziya, or Raz for short, was taken as an infant to be used for research in a new experiment by the Arkanians. The experiment was to incorporate the DNA of other species in order to create, in essence, a hybrid within the base form. The first DNA added was that of the Avogwi, and the second that of the Dazouri. The Dazouri DNA enables her to take a rage form that consists of both Avogwi and Dazouri. A large winged beast that would be best described as similar to a dragonic-type creature with plumage. In her base form, due to the added DNA, she has acquired fangs, instead of normal teeth, a 'broken crown' of spikes along the sides of her head, the slit pupils of an avian that enable her to see nearly five times better than a human, and in the dark, and heightened senses. Being of both human and Arkanian descent, she retained the normal five-fingered hands so besides the genetic alterations she looks human.

Originated from: Arkania
Alignment: Darkside
Current Rank: Knight
Trained By: Kale Arkin, Lord Spawn Blade, Max Chaos
Personal ship: Sentinel Long gone.

History: Raz was kept within the labs for research, further experimentation, and training until the age of 12. In that time period she had been trained to operate many different varieties of ships, speeders, and shuttles; and trained to fight. It was noted that even within her base or 'rest' form, she had overly heightened senses, extremely quick reflexes, and enhanced strength, but unbeknownst to the researchers there was more at play than just her DNA. This worked well and further helped in their research to begin creating more hybrids. But the first and most important test for Raz, was to see how she would cope with the outside world. She was taken by one of the lead researches to see the rest of Arkania. She was a fast learner, but still held the primitive instincts that came from the genetic manipulations of her DNA and when she was 15 those instincts had begun to take over. She killed the researcher and fled.

Soon learning that the Research Team was now on the hunt for her to return her to the labs, Raz stowed away on a refugee shuttle and left Arkania. The shuttle stopped to refuel at a large Space Station and that was where Raz departed. Arkanian being her native tongue, she knew not one word of English, so needless to say she ran into some difficulties. At the station she survived by doing whatever she could to find food, pillaging and stealing whatever was within reach. From time to time she would have a streak of luck and find another Arkanian who would be charitable and help her out by giving her money or a small job to do. But it usually wasn't enough, as most people who stopped at the Station didn't stay long. Yet as luck would have it, she did find someone who was willing to not only help her, but take her in; a man by the name of Max Chaos. She had been in rough shape and could only manage to communicate with him using a crude style of sign language. Max took her in for a while and helped her, teaching her enough English so that she could get on well enough alone. He then had to begin his training as a Sith, leaving her on her own. She was ever grateful for his help and told him she would repay him for it someday.

16 years old and now having acquired a small but good enough vocabulary of English, Raz began to hunt for a job. With her well-learned abilities to fly a wide assortment of ships, Raz soon found a job working with a group of Bounty Hunters. There she earned the Alias "Krystle" as during her first mission she had played a large part in helping bust a group of Jewel Thieves. She continued to work with the Bounty Hunters for a few years and in so learned how to use a wide range of weapons and devices. During that time she had created a name for herself as a Bounty Hunter but soon was growing bored with the profession. At the age of 18 she took some time off, met a group of Pirates and was conned into playing a game of chance. Raz had a large array of weapons with her that the Pirates were interested in getting a hold of. Yet to their dismay, not only did she win the game, she won a lightsaber from them that they had stolen from a Sith victim of theirs. Having acquired such a rare weapon, Raz was intrigued by their story of the Sith and pondered attempting to become one.

Raz was told to find a Sith Master, and there she might find apprenticeship. So she set out and ironically ran into none other than Max Chaos again. Being so grateful for his help earlier in her life, she decided this was her chance to repay him for it. She stayed with him for a while and their old friendship grew into love and the two became a couple. It was around that same time she happened to meet another man by the name of Kale Arkin, a Sith Knight. Kale had known from their very first meeting that the force was particularly strong with Raziya and was surprised to find that she was interested in becoming a Sith and owned a lightsaber. Raz had known she could use the Force, but wanted to learn to better control it and become stronger. Kale promptly informed her that he would take her as his Apprentice and teach her everything he knew. Raz leapt at the chance and before the night was over, had become a Sith Apprentice. She never told Max.

At the age of 19 Raziya began her training with Kale. She was rather skilled with her use of the Force, considering she never had any previous training, and excelled quickly through his teachings. Being afraid that Max might not like the idea of her having chosen another Sith to train under, she kept it a secret from him. Not long after she began her training was she caught up in a battle with the Hutts. Herself, Max, and Kale being part of the opposition, they were brutally outnumbered and in danger. Raziya was faced with the choice to leave with Kale and continue her training, or stay with Max. Her thirst for the knowledge of the Force overcame her, and without more than a goodbye to Max, she left the mayhem of the battle with her Master.

At 20, Raziya continued excelling through her training with Kale by leaps and bounds. She had not spoken to or seen Max since the day she left him at the battle against the Hutts. She had been warned that it would interfere with her training, and that her training should take top priority in her life. Raz believed Max would have moved on after her leaving him without any explanation, so she decided to heed the warning and devoted her time to her training.

Months later, Raz had been sent on a mission to acquire Mandalorian Armour for an army of droids Kale was planning on building to take over a planet known as Karideph. She succeeded in her mission, and the droid army was built. However, Kale's plans for Karideph failed. While he was transporting them back to Byss a faulted programming in the droids caused them to turn on the ship and destroy it. The vessel crash landed onto one of Byss's moons, unfortunately the one holding the Maw II instillation. All plans for the droids and any plans the Imperial Remnant, which Kale was leader of, died. Raz learned of the crash landing and destruction of her Master's ship over a news bulletin. Dismayed but unhindered by her Master's believed death, she left in her ship, the Sentinel, to search for a new master and continue her training as a Sith.

Not long after, when she failed to find another Master she made her way to the busier sectors of the galaxy. There she restarted her career as a Mercenary for hire. Taking the odd job to keep her busy, she eventually found her way to Coruscant and right back into the arms of Max. Seeking forgiveness, Max took her back and even went so far as to find her a new Master. Bringing her to his faction, the original Dark Sith Order, his sith brethren Spawn Blade took Raziya as his new apprentice and finished her training. She was knighted shortly after. For a while she remained at the Order, helping out by lending a hand and training new apprentices as they came in. She even met a few new characters that she will not soon forget, a few including Lord Xander Dehaden, Vascious Relens, Darth Makavelli, Inhinixia Verlei, among many more. After a while, again she became bored. The Order was fading and members were slowly beginning to disappear. She took her leave for the life of a Rogue, and eventually met up with Lord Xander again. Xander recognized the power she held, and offered her a position in a Clan he was starting. She accepted the offer, and traveled with him to the clan's home base. The Shadow Clan, it was called, and there she met more faces of the Darkside. There, again, she took up the job of training apprentices, but it was fleeting. Xander disappeared, the Clan following suite. Once more, Raziya returned to the lifestyle of a Rogue, and she remained that way for a great deal of time. Along her journies she met a young sith hopeful, and against her better judgement she took him up as an Apprentice. To this day now, she still travels as a Rogue with her Apprentice in tow.

After the takeover of Coruscant and its inception into the claws of the Darkside, Raziya found need to travel there, despite her great distaste for people and technology in general. The world had blossomed into a veritable hive of rebellion and revolution, just the place for her to set up came and Clan. She settled in the outskirts of the destruction left behind by the SSD-turned-asteroid, turning the wreckage into a veritable underground city for those searching for a new leader as blood thirsty for action and chaos as they were. Using her silver-tongued apprentice as her voice, she attained leadership of the people with the promise of blood, war, and everything else they could possibly want, and in turn asked only for their loyalty to the Pack and their services to the numbers. And in knowing the nature of the Beast, Raziya welcomed challenges for the Alpha spot, tearing down opponent after opponent and gaining their respect with every broken bone, punctured organ, and mutilated body she left behind. They were called the Monicans, and later on dubbed the Terravhunds, or "Terror Hounds" as the rest of the Coruscant populace so aptly named them.

She has been biding her time and building her pack. Soon enough it came into some use for her.

After falling at the hands of his young son who rose spectacularly through the ranks of the Sith, Raziya's original Master called for her one last time. Using the woman, her loyalty to him, and her army of hounds, her Master turned on his Order in an attempt to overrun them out of spite. The man did not succeed. He was imprisoned in his tomb, and all his followers were cursed, made to guard his tomb deep in the deserts of Korriban, from anyone stupid enough to try and raise him again. Raziya did not escape this punishment, and as the man's greatest follower she was made to set the example. Soul bound to a Sith Amulet, they placed it upon the greatest and most cunning of Tuk'ata hounds which would then become her new body. As part of her curse, Raziya's memory was broken and filled only with the desire to guard the tomb and kill anything that dared enter it. Raziya became Shai.

She does not know for how long she guarded that tomb, but it has been ages. Time saw the decaying of the Order and, eventually, those who wraught the curse upon her and her Master's followers. There came a day when it no longer bound them to the grounds of the tomb, and so they began to scour the dunes. Her Master's tomb was raided and his grave broken, but there was nothing left of the man. His essence had long since faded, or perhaps found a way to pass to another being. In finding this, Shai's desire to protect vanished and her pack devolved into chaos. Unable to fend off the dozens of others, Shai left her home and traveled the wastes.

One day, during a particularly hideous sandstorm, she happened upon a woman named Ivy Lasranae.

Somehow she left the planet with Ivy and became a pet.

Dubbed "Lying Hound" or "Lye" for short due to her penchant of being a lazy lump most days, the pair spent many years traversing the stars. Lye acted as Ivy's lackey, growing a certain sense of loyalty to the Merc in the years to pass. She might've even been content to live out the remainder of her years as the Merc's companion were it not for the Netherworld Event.

The reaping took them both, and upon entering the Netherworld Shai's soul amulet fell dormant at the lack of Force presence. The tukata body suddenly was itself again - wild and monsterous. It turned on Ivy and nearly succeeded in maiming the unsuspecting woman to death. It was only by chance that a togruta woman happened upon the battling pair, stepping in to save Ivy's life and slay the beast. The Togruta's name was Ashta and she took up the Sith Amulet from the tukata's collar as a trophy of her success. Ashta stayed with Ivy and did her best to keep the woman alive - though the outlook was grim. Ivy had sustained terrible injuries - her leg was maimed beyond repair, along with several gaping bite wounds - all of which slowly festered and became infected. By the time they happened upon a rift that took them back to Coruscant, Ivy was lucid.

Then, as soon as the Force returned, Shai's spirit awakened and took Ashta's body over.

Somehow, despite her newfound freedom of opposable thumbs and vocal chords, Shai remained loyal to Ivy.

Kills: n/a

Bounties: n/a


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