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Suggestion Minimizing the Front Page Side Boxes


Disney Princess
This is a direct suggestion to the Board Owner.

On the old software you could minimize content boxes on the front page during your session. Boxes such as the, "Recent Threads", "Recent Articles/Rants/OpinionVomit", and "Recent Status Updates." Or as it's otherwise known these days, "The Trashy Flashing Meme Box of Extra Flashy Flashes".

So, can we get this feature back or nah?

Because I seriously avoid scrolling down past the Codex section while in widescreen just to avoid being visually assaulted by the Status Updates section everyday.

Note: With Chaos open, minimizing the window down to about 600px in width causes the front page to shuffle the side boxes down to the very bottom of the page scroll. Mmm. Fun solution. Sorta hate it. But! A playa gotta do, what a playa gotta do.​
2 cents/How much do I have to pay you to do this Tef?/Please for the love of God

Thanks! :D :p

Kyra Perl

Are you calling my mother trashy. D:<



Disney Princess
Kyra Perl Kyra Perl - Your mother is an angel. Worthy of the most intimate worship, divinity, and rose-colored praise. I pray for her health and sanity everyday, just knowing her children are out there. Doing, ...things. Probably.

So respect your mother Kyra. Even if it means not doing 100% of the things she would do. Or, um... Has done. Or, I mean... Just, do as she says, not as she do's.

That makes sense, right? Maybe? idk. ...Anyway. Be a good girl Kyra, be safe, and tell your mother we love her. :D :p