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Mima "Stardasher" Jeth

Mima Jeth

Force Sensitive
NAME: Mima "Stardasher" Jeth
RANK: Private Clinic Owner/CEO
HOBBY: Professional Speeder Bike Racing
SPECIES: Enhanced Arkanian/Cathar Hybrid
AGE: 18 Standard Years
GENDER: Intersex: Appears and Acts Female
HEIGHT: 5'3" (160 cm)
WEIGHT: 119 lb.s (54 kg)
EYES: Light Blue
HAIR: White
SKIN: Light with Tan Markings
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, but unaware as of now.


+ Superior Intelligence: Mima's learning and memory capabilities are exceptional thanks to her Arkanian heritage.
+ Genetic Engineering: Her already sharp Cathar dexterity and agility is enhanced by genetic experimentation.
+ Multi-Spectrum Vision: She can see a wider spectrum of colors. As such, she can see where others are blind.
+ Hidden Strength: By building only lean muscles, Mima is deceptively stronger than she looks.
+ Extra Chromosomes: The hybrid's beauty is influential thanks to the extra chromosomes from being intersexed.
+ Ambidextrous: It comes in "handy" from time to time.


= Light Sleeper: Being a light sleeper comes with the advantage of Mima being incredibly difficult to be killed in her sleep. It is also harder for her to fall asleep on the job. Unfortunately, she is also disadvantaged in the fact that it is harder for her to fall asleep and/or get get enough sleep.
= Flirtatious: Mima can't help but use her good looks to overcome obstacles or get what she wants at times, but that is a common threat to her reputation.
= Super Sleuth: Her obsession with tracking criminals gets her into trouble at times, but her determination can work mysterious miracles toward finding persons, objects, and information previously considered lost.
= Adrenaline Junkie: Mima loves a good race or a good fight. The risks she takes might be calculated, but she enjoys taking them. This might be dangerous, but it also means that she doesn't let fear control her.

- Racially Disfavored: Arkanians and Cathar usually consider Mima to be racially impure. Some members of either race even consider her to be an abomination. Not so many members of each race see her in a favorable light.
- Sexually Disfavored: Some beings who discover the nature of Mima's intersexed gender are bigoted, and are disgusted with her choice to remain her natural birth genders. Both of them.
- Light Sensitive: Mima gets a headache from powerful light sources and prefers to be nocturnal or wear shades.
- Socially Insensitive: She is rough around the edges when it comes to empathy, and her intelligence offends less intelligent beings at times.
- Autism Spectrum: Some consider her more extreme behavior to be a form of very low level autism or an inclination toward being obsessive compulsive. She can be considered unstable, despite being a very stable person. This is because her mind works differently.
- Aversion to Cybernetics: That stuff really freaks her out. She could go far with a few implants, but avoids cybernetic clinics out of fear. In fact, she doesn't trust doctors easily as is.

Personal Armor: Just a little something to protect Mima from racing injuries and keep her vitals safe from blaster fire. She rarely covers her thighs at all, however, to allow for full range of motion and a little womanly influence. Speaking of which, her personal armor and clothing always seem custom tailored to bring out the best of her good looks.

Dual WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistols with Stun Mod: Just a little something Mima keeps from her mother's side of the family. She rarely has need to wield both of them at once, but she can if she has to thanks to being ambidextrous. Being able to set the blasters to stun has helped her make a lot more arrests than death reports.


Mima Jeth is the daughter of K'roth and Tikoge Jeth, a distant relation to an ancient Jedi Master named Arca Jeth. The Jeth line already contained traces of Sephi blood, and K'roth's falling in love with a Cathar was not surprising to him considering the curiosity of his ancestors. K'roth fell deeply in love with Tikoge during a genetic research mission in the Outer Rim, and she returned his shy affections by asserting herself violently at first. The relationship survived the trading of scrape and bruises long enough to end in an infamous marriage that made K'roth unwelcome among his own kind for several years.

In a surprise that seemed to defy the constraints of genetics, Tikoge became heavy with a litter of children. Being a seasoned doctor and geneticist, K'roth found his wife surprisingly eager to consent to genetic alteration of her unborn children, who were not intended by nature to survive development past the first trimester due to a slight Mandalorian conflict in Tikoge's genetics. K'roth's work was funded by couples with similar concerns, and he opened and lived in a clinic in a luxurious penthouse apartment on Coruscant. Unforeseen complications took Tikoge's life in childbirth, and K'roth struggled to rescue his newborn children. Mima survived along with two other siblings, who were all intersexed.

Over time, Mima's other two siblings died. The first died inevitably of the rare Mandalorian/Catharian genetic disease K'roth had worked hard to prevent. The other died when their body started rejecting it's own organs, a mysterious consequence of conflicting male and female chromosomes. But Mima remained healthy and strong, to bury her siblings one at a time and comfort her father. Her genetic code was a miracle of nature that helped K'roth rescue many other hybrid children, but he truly loved Mima with all of his heart and valued her much more than for the living, breathing breakthrough in genetics she was since birth. Her interest did not sway toward medical science, but he gladly encouraged her strong interest in law enforcement and detective work, setting up elaborate and rewarding mysteries for her to unravel.

K'roth was already very old for an Arkanian and was slowly becoming crippled from old age (115 Standard Years), but he proudly attended his daughter's graduation from University when she was only fourteen years old. He continued to thoroughly enjoy his work, and giving Mima mysteries to solve on the side while she continued her post-graduate education in criminal studies. He died in his sleep the night after she graduated from the Republic Police Academy at the very top of her class, a happy father who had accomplished what he hadn't expected to be his life's work, which was bringing Mima into the world and raising her into a beautiful adult.

Mima reinvested her inheritance into her father's business and conducts business as it's owner when her private investigation career allows. She is popular among the Republic Police Detectives for her rare consultant activities. The first month of her employment as a special agent and private investigator nearly took her life in an encounter with a crimelord, and she left the force with a bitter taste in her mouth. Despite eager offers from private security firms to employ her, she determined that her skills would be better used in a more rewarding cause some day.

Her piloting reflexes are so fast due to this force sensitivity that a new nickname, "Stardasher," has been cropping up in Coruscant speeder bike racing circles that Mima is known to participate in while she isn't distracted by her growing business. The moniker really sticks, and few people call her by any other name these days. What little fame she has usually spreads through racing communities. Racer holofoil card collectors are the ones who obsess over her because of her beautiful appearance and reliably improving race times.