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Approved Tech Micro Dart

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Professor of Alchemy
Intent: To create a very tiny dart that is extremely difficult, if not impossible to spot visually.
Development Thread: If Necessary
Manufacturer: Valicore Engineering
Model: Micro Dart
Affiliation: None
Modularity: The dart may be stained with fluids or poisons, although the effect isn't nearly as effective as other darts(Further elaborated on in description)
Production: Mass Produced production, Minor Distribution. Those who buy it can buy it in bulk, but it's only available to Valicore Customers.
Material: Extremely thin durasteel.
Description: The Micro Dart is a form of ammunition created by Warren Valik in order to stealthily infect targets with various poisons and viruses. It is designed to be extremely small, and thus be extremely difficult to spot as a projectile. It's size makes it near, if not undetectable to those who aren't looking for it, especially if it's hidden by a distraction of say, a grenade, Force lightning, blaster fire or some other sort of other more pressing issue. While this near ensures landing a hit if used properly, the size does come with it's disadvantages. Even if being launched by a railgun the projectile will never generate enough force to pass through anything but clothing, making the darts completely useless against anything wearing armor. Furthermore, the size make applying poisons and other such being very difficult, requiring much precision. Therefore, while the dart can be coated in anything that doesn't dissolve the durasteel(Hence ruling out various acids), it can only be coated in so much fluid, resulting in the large majority of poisons being to weak to give a noticeable effect in one shot. This problem can be solved by applying a very strong poison, or by hitting a target multiple times with a weaker poison, which has their cons of being expensive/rare and revealing your method of attack respectively.

Sargon Vynea

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