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Micah tol Powl

Sor-Jan Xantha

Certified Worst Jedi
Name: Micah tol Powl
Political Allegience: The Immortal Sith Emperor
Status: Currently a prisoner of the Silver Jedi Order
Race/Species: Cathar (Myr Rho)
Age: Youngling
Gender: Male
Height: 130 cm
Weight: 28 kg
Fur Color: Tabby (Orange/Cream/Yellow)
Eye Color: Amber
Build: Lithe (Acrobat)
Homeworld: Bastion
Occupation: Student, Royal Academy at Bastion
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force User Ranking: Initiate
Voice Sample: Eamon Pirruccello

[ + ] Child Mage (Cats Are Magic).

[ + ] Badass Bookworm (Black Mage).

[ + ] Tranquil Fury.

[+/-] Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon (Wicked Cultured).

[ - ] You Must Be This Tall To Ride This Ride

[ - ] Glass Cannon (Squishy Wizard)

[ - ] Just a Kid.

A Cathar kitten with a more near-human appearance, owing to his Myr Kho ancestry, Micah had a tabby coloration that mixed hues of brown, orange, and yellow. His felinoid characteristics included cat-like pupils and pronounced canine teeth, the latter of which caused him to have a snaggle-toothed appearance.

Alignment: Neutral
Class/Subclass: Sith Hopeful (Sorcerer)
Known Masters: TBD
Contemporaries: TBD
Lightsaber: The Lightsaber of Micah tol Powl
Primary Form: Form I Shii-cho
Influences: Form VII Juyo | Zhaboka

HoloStation Switch
Go Mobile Wristlink
Zhaboka (Sith Training Saber)
Sith Spellbook
Sith Academy Robe

Nyan Nya

None, currently

None, currently

The son of a merchant family that struggled to raise itself from out of the middle class, Micah is both pawn and lynch-pin to schemes that began before he was born.

While still in utereo, the tol Powl family used what resources it had to commission the services of an Imperial doctor in order to bring their fetus in line with their designs for the next generation. Originally, the job was mere midi-Chlorian manipulation, to increase the likelihood that the child would be Force sensitive. When the developing fetus was determined to be female however, the genetic engineering was expanded to include chromosome alteration so that the child would be born male, as a firstborn son was seem as a more auspicious birth than that of a daughter.

The investment paid its dividends three-fold when Micah was determined to be Force sensitive while a toddler. The tol Powl family eagerly handed their child over to the Sith Empire and were rewarded for their loyalty with social and economic incentives that guaranteed their place among the bourgeois elite of Bastion's neo-Imperial families.