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Approved Starship Merrill 1 Survey Ship

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  • Manufacturer: Jast Shipwright Co.
  • Affiliation: Jast Shipwright Co. , The Underground, The Outer Rim Coalition
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, Quadanium Frame, Plex Glass
  • Classification: Exploration
  • Length: 150M
  • Width: 50M
  • Height: 50M
  • Armament: Average

Defenses: Average
  1. 2x- Shield Generators

Hangar: Average
  1. 1x Vessel- 50m Cap
  • Maneuverability Rating: High
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Hyperdrive Class: Extreme


  • Very Well rounded arms: The Merrill 1 can take care of herself. Her arms are well rounded and very powerful
  • Fast: The Merrill 1 is a fast vessel. Not only outfitted with the fastest hyperdrive to date (Besides the
    Calrissian Drive) it can run or fight, depending on the Captains choice
  • High Grade: Almost all the gear on the Merrill 1 is the top of the line. this makes it great scouting vessel and well equipped for any expedition!
  • Horrible power Draw- The backside of having the Retribution Plasma Cannon and Conqeuror Ion cannon is the massive power draw. when these two systems are put into operation the shields tend to drop drastically leaving the vessel exposed
  • Weaker hull- The ship is not built for blazing broadside combat. The trade-off for being stealthy and fast is reduced hull plating count. In addition the materials that make it are nothing out of the ordinary

So far the Merrill 1 as built to reflect the archetype of the man. Honoring Jorrus/ The Merrill family and expanding on his them of exploration it was tooled out with the maximum load that survey ship could take. the entire vessel has systems that were created by his family or relatives.

In addition it is the top of the line research vessel of its time. There is simply no other like it. This particular model relied on some salvage, but the parts were either bought, or bargained for and it will serve any adventurer or explorer very well in their travels. The addition of custom systems, such as the Reflec on the hull makes it easier for it to slip through areas without getting spotted.
[member="Hala Jast"]

Even at semi-unique I think this might be pushing the bounds a little across the board. Unique I'd be happy with.

You can either drop armaments and defended a rating each, speed and man, or drop some special features.

You must please bring some of the abilities of the special features into strengths, particularly the stealth capabilities.
[member="Hala Jast"]

I would drop armaments and defences to average myself. Thank you for responding so promptly.

Each hushaby is pretty powerful, drop down to four of those and you're probably at about Average I'd say.
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