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Merr Mechanica

Zahori Denko

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  • Weapon Manufacturing
  • Armor Manufacturing
  • Droid Manufacturing

[*]Tier: 2


Merr Mechanica is an arms manufacturing company that is run by the engineering genius Azula Merr. Merr Mechanica creates innovative tech that promises to give the modern soldier an edge over their opponents. Utilizing uncommon technology, Merr Mechanica aims to arm it's customers with only the best in tools of war.

Where there is a sword, there is a shield. Merr Mechanica not only crafts weapons of war, but also suits of armor outfitted with state of the art tech and countermeasures that is versatile enough to protect the user from nearly any situation.

Merr Mechanica strives to make the best soldiers it can and what better way to do it than removing the human error? Merr Mechanica manufactures some of the greatest droids money can buy. From astromechs to commandos, Merr Mechanica has see in all, learned it all, and improved it all.

The amount of time and effort that goes forth into creating each piece of equipment ensures impeccable quality in all of Merr Mechanica's


Merr Mechania began as a small workshop ran by Azula Merr when she first joined the Golden Company. For a time, her inventions became more and more popular among the other mercenaries. Soon enough, she gained enough popularity and influence to the point where she could take her workshop to the next level and start forming a real company. Through charitable donations and influential connections, Azula was able to start her company off where it is today.