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Mercantile System of the Most Serene Republic of Manda

Havicl Baobab

The Mercantile System
While attempting to bring new members to the faction, it was brought up that the Mercantile System is the possibility as to the reasoning of keeping people away from joining the faction. At this time I am considering reworking the Economical base of the faction to help bring people to join the Most Serene Republic of Manda.

If it is the Mercantile System that is currently keeping people from joining, I would like to ask; as a means to help rework the view, how people would change it or what they would change of it to bring more people to it.

Remember, the Most Serene Republic of Manda is a Merchant Republic relying heavily on trade and the production of goods.

I openly welcome any critiques or thoughts on how to help catch people's attention.

Tyger Tyger

The Clinging Fire
Personally, I feel like it's less the Mercantile system, and more of a struggle to grasp how this system would manifest into meaningful, epic RPing. You've made your product known -- Now is just a matter of showing people what it looks like, what it can do, and why it's such a cool idea that you're so excited about it.

@Havicl Baobab

Havicl Baobab

It's Economy is no longer heavily reliant upon Mercantilism. So hopefully that will take off what was seen as a heavy restriction when it came to characters. This idea does have a lot of potential, that is why I am working hard to garner members to join and bring them on board.
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