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The Black Flame
The Black Flame
@Veino Garn

There will be much to come on this topic but I'll give you a quick rundown. Imperial Knights and Masters can train cadets. Knights must have permission from a master or the Archmaster or the Imperator before moving their cadet up to a knight. Only Masters can train knights and any master (or higher) can nominate a knight for promotion. Once someone has been nominated for Master promotion, all masters, the Archmaster and Imperator hold a vote.

It is almost identical to the process of the Sith promotions when they deal with it ooc. As far as training itself, all cadets and their trainers will use the "Gardens of Roan" thread for their personal trainings. I'd like to see everyone trained in resistance to mind techniques and temptation in at least one thread. I might make that mandatory, but will not force anyone to "specialize" in it. Just something to say "hey, we have our fancy trademark power" and then everyone has some IC excuse to at least have minor resistance (as the IK did in canon).

I plan on making a fancy write up about this and going into more detail and then posting it here and as an advertisment on the board.

Veino Garn

Oh , cool. Thanks. That definitely make sense. It seems rather close to how it works for the Jedi in the Republic as well. Not too complicated then, but enough to ensure they know what they are doing before promotion.

I'll be looking forward to it!