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Melvand Zrimmir

Melvand Zrimmir

Generic Neimoidian #459
Melvand Zrimmir

Thirty-Six Galactic Standard Years

Cato Neimoidia

1.76 Meters

93.4 Kilograms




Not Force Sensitive

Zrimmir was born to a wealthy family of Jorra, on Cato Neimoidia. His father ran a very profitable pharmaceutical drug industry, and his mother was an executive of a growing healthcare agency. With four brothers, and three sisters, and being the sixth child, he learned he had to make out for his own. Although his upbringing was far from challenging, he attended an expensive private school and given all that he 'needed'. Zrimmir attended one of the prestigious business colleges of the Coruscanti overworld, and learned the trade of trade and business.
When his father passed, and his family began the distinguished tradition of handling the inheritance. Zrimmir knew he would not receive his father's company, but his siblings paid him off a large sum to give up claim on the corporation. Using this vast sum, he went to create his own company, Zrimmir Universal Banking Union.

No Personal Vessel.

No Bounties Collected.