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Meine Enkelin

Sluis Van, Spaceport

"Look. It doesn't need a new hyperdrive and I know you don't stockpile Echani parts. It doesn't need them. All it needs is an engine tune up and some fuel. I'm not asking you to take it apart and rebuild it."

The Sluissi nodded his head in final understanding. While it had kept it's cool, Kamon had come close to cracking an egg on his forehead and frying it. They were incredibly gifted with ships, these people, but sometimes their meticulous nature was a bit more than annoyance. He sighed and rubbed a hand through his hair, wondering how much it was going to cost him to get his fighter fixed. He could take it back to Eshan and have Eshan Industrial's people fix it up good as new, but he didn't see the point in going to that extent when the Sluis Van yards were half the distance away from where he'd been.

That said, the engine just needed a spit shine after its recent run of combat, and he needed refueled so he could head on his way to... wherever it was he had decided to go now. He didn't actually know that.

"I'll be back in a few hours to check on things."

The Sluissi nodded and went back to what it was doing. He, meanwhile, moved off into the spaceport. Wearing typical Corellian garb, the only way he really stood out was the lightsabers that he wore on his belt. Two of them, long and silver; one on either side of him. Here he didn't need to be cautious about who he was, and what he could do. These people were friendly to the Jedi. He wandered inside, into the throngs of people. Sluis Van was a busy port, so he figured on getting bumped and jostled around at least a little bit while he was there. What he didn't expect to see was a familiar blonde head moving through the crowd.


[member="Ibaris Varanin"]

Ibaris Varanin

A blonde head moving through the crowd, with a big-ass dog at her side, to be exact.

She was trying to spend as much time as possible with Adas, knowing his days were numbered. Though a spaceport crowd wasn't what she had in mind to stretch his legs and hers, the Peregrine was due for maintenance, and the varied smells of comers and goers gave the barkspawn some joy, if she had to guess... which she didn't, being able to feel what her 'dog' felt, as she had been capable of doing almost for the entirety of the canid's life. The curiosity in his semi-intelligent mind mitigated the overbearing protective nature he had been created with.

She had left her human companion, [member="Liam Quez"], to watch over the ship, while Sluissi poked and prodded at it. She didn't entirely trust the workers, but she trusted him. She trusted him with far more than her parents' old ship: she trusted him with her life, and that was no small thing. She trusted him with her heart; that had been the hardest thing of all, and what it would do to her to lose him was an occupying force in her mind, every time he was at risk. Not might, but would. What she was willing to do to keep that from ever happening... well. 'Worse' depended on your point of view.

"Let's find that thing Liam wanted, hey boy?"

Ibaris scritched her onetime protector between the ears, and headed towards the general shops, to look for a new whisk.

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]
Was that her? It looked like her from behind. Same hair, uncanny resemblance in gait. She had a large dog with her that he hadn't ever seen before, but the main difference was that she appeared younger to him. He'd just come, recently, from Varunda IX where Spencer was studying. What would she then be doing all the way on Sluis Van? That didn't make any sense to him and yet here was a girl that looked just like her.

There was only one logical conclusion, of course. It wasn't Spencer. Instead, it was his granddaughter, Ibaris.

He knew about her, of course, but he'd never gotten to meet her. Giving everything that had happened, how volatile he'd become prior to his death, it was understandable that Spencer and Ashin would keep her from him. Times had changed, however. The time it took for his body to repair itself had allowed him to find inner harmony once again and to remove the darkness that had been implanted falsely within him. His body has also rejected the dark talisman that had been implanted within him during the healing process and that had helped immensely.

Ibaris walked into a shop and he turned to follow her. If was kind of an awkward thing, this situation. He couldn't just walk up to her and say 'Hi, I'm your grandfather,' or something like that. It would be far too weird. But he wanted to meet her all the same, and he knew that reaching out to her mind to talk to her would be far too intrusive even though they were related. He chewed on his cheek as he perused the wares, moving ever so slowly closer to where she was, and opting to start simple.

"Nice pup you have there. Quite well behaved."

He said it to the side, as he rummaged through a box of stuff, but he made sure shed be able to hear him.

[member="Ibaris Varanin"]

Ibaris Varanin

She'd been taken in by the sheer number of different gadgets available for use in the pursuit of cooking and baking. It made little sense; she didn't understand why there needed to be so much when she had seen neither her mama nor Liam ever use such things, and they were both good with food. So said her tongue, and her stomach. The displays were enough explanation for why there needed to be whole shops dedicated to the sale of such wares, even if most of it was unnecessary. She absently scritched Adas behind an ear, while turning one of the gadgets over in her other hand.

"Nice pup you have there. Quite well behaved."

The 'pup', almost four feet at the shoulder, turned his head to the source of the voice, and locked the man with his persistent gaze. One note of a growl rumbled in the barkspawn's throat, and Ibaris' gaze broke from the gadget in her hand at that. Her chin lifted, and her head turned to better see the stranger in a sidelong way, as her sense felt him.

"Adas," she said, a warning command in her voice, as she turned her head back to the display and replaced the gadget, "be nice."

The gadget replaced, she turned a little further, and afforded the older man a faint, yet pleasant smile.

"He can be," she agreed, "but he's always been more on alert about strangers in spaceports."

Not always, but close enough. Adas got quiet, but his gaze didn't break from where it had set.

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]
"Smart. Spaceports are the most dangerous place in the galaxy outside of a Mos Eisley cantina."

He replaced the spatula he was looking at, glanced to the side at Adas, and then looked at her nodding his head in greeting. She really looked like her mother. The resemblance was uncanny, and yet there were certainly elements of another involved as well. Striking. He turned his attention back to an egg separator, which he looked over, checked the price, and decided to buy. Never hurt to be able to separate your eggs. The yolks tended to be not so good for you, but the whites were plenty nutritious. He often cooked them on his little stove when he was flitting around the galaxy from one backwater world to another. You could almost always find birds on a world.

"Never seen one like him before. Get the sense I never would."

Turning, he tapped the egg separator against his thigh as he regarded her. A small smile was offered before he turned his eyes to the pup. Definitely created. It was not a natural creature. He had a sense about it. That being said, it didn't necessarily make it an abomination to be destroyed. It seemed to serve as a protector for Ibaris. He wouldn't dream of taking that from her regardless of the source.

"Though I should tell you that, while we've not been introduced, I'm no stranger."

He winked at her and walked over to pay for the strainer. Several gems were dropped on the counter rather than credits. He'd found that gems were easier to make purchases with throughout the galaxy. Credits tended to be localized to individual governments, and didn't trade well between them. Gems always had an equivelant value based on market price throughout the galaxy, making them easy to exchange accurately if you paid attention to the market like he did. With the purchase made, he pocketed the strainer and glanced back at Ibaris. Would she make a connection or be curious enough to ask questions? Hopefully so.

[member="Ibaris Varanin"]

Ibaris Varanin

She blinked, giving the man a different look. If he was no stranger, then... she thought it through. She had been acquainted with, if not close with, many people over her twenty-odd years, and she remembered their faces. His, however, didn't register. Ibaris looked away, to a wall on the other side of the shop, trying to give her original task some focus, but found her eyes wandering over to him, again. Adas, for his part, still hadn't moved his gaze, save to follow the supposed not-stranger.

"Well, I'd..." she pursed her lips, and breathed out of her nose, "...I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't know who you are."

The blonde crossed her arms over her chest, and regarded him fresh.

"So that only leaves one real possibility: you know my parents."

And who didn't? That could be a good thing or a bad thing, and the scepticism began to form in her psyche, but her words almost seemed flat and bored at the idea. Her parents had never been the type of people to keep to themselves and let things be, and their names were often spoken either in reverence or curse. She had grown up with that, and had accepted early on that being their daughter meant she was easily painted with the same brush, especially when...

"Look, I know I look so much like my mother that it's scary, but I'm not her."

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]
"I'm aware."

He walked over to the door to the shop and leaned against the frame. If someone wanted to come in he'd step aside, but leaning on a door frame seemed the entirely Corellian thing to do. That being said, it was mostly just comfortable as it allowed him to transfer his weight to the wall instead of keeping it all on his legs. It also allowed him to regard her from across the way, rather than being imposingly close to her. The pip wasn't going to like it too much if he got too close, at least not yet. Better safe than sorry and he didn't want to die, or, worse, hurt the pup while defending himself. Yeah, that was liable to happen. One way or the other something would happen. It always did.

Lifting a hand, he ran it through his hair, mussing it up a bit so it wasn't so pristine looking. The disheveled look was nicer, and it made him feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar setting.

"You do look very much like her and when I first spotted you I thought you were her, but then I got a better look at you. You look almost exactly alike, but you aren't her. You are instead Ibaris Varanin."

Lifting his arms, he crossed them over his chest, leaving his sabers in plain, easy view. And his bag of gems, but that wasn't abnormal. Good luck stealing it, too. A smile crossed his features as he looked at her. He could make her guess for ages, but that wouldn't be much fun and she'd end up getting annoyed with him more than anything. He'd rather not annoy her before making official introductions. He heaved a sigh.

"Spencer is my daughter, which makes you my granddaughter. My name is Kamon Vondiranach"

[member="Ibaris Varanin"]

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