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Mehrk Gorbi


Purple Haze
Name: Mehrk Gorbi
Faction: The Combine Collective
Rank: Shakedown artist
Species: Gungan
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 2.06 meters
Weight: 90 Kg
Eyes: Gray
Hair: N/A
Skin: Parched khaki
Force-sensitive: No

Strengths and weaknesses:

One in a family of hunters and trappers, skilled in the predatory arts of camouflage, tracking, capturing, and killing. Mehrk is always aware of his surroundings and has acute ears, eyes, and nostrils, per Gungan standards. He was also part of the Gungan Guard in his early adult years and is skilled in kickboxing and the use of an electropole, as well as sounding the tribal battle horns.
Amphibious, as Gungans would be.
Has a bit of a musical ear and has taught himself to play the Blissl flute.

Often sickly from frequenting environments unhealthy for Gungans.
Mehrk is somewhat depressed being alone in a big galaxy. It is no place to find a good Gungan wife, and he never can seem to manage a consistent pocketbook.
Usually completely silent, but on the occasion he does talk, he is very loud. Sometimes he has the sniffles from previously noted sickliness. He is understandably uncomfortable and avoids social settings since he is always the only Gungan in the crowd.
Morally confused.

Mehrk grew up like many Gungans, on Naboo in Gungan territory. He was born to a long line of hunters, trappers, and fishers, and was taught the family trades throughout his youth by his father. Upon reaching adulthood, he opted to patrol with the Gungan Guard instead of otherwise being mandatorily enlisted into the Gungan milita. He learned skills associated with the tribal war arts in his time with the Guard.

A fateful visit to Theed brought him to realize how little he actually knew, and he became discontent with his situation as he heard tales of the wonders and glory and riches some had attained in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Against his father’s will, Merhk worked a city job in order to earn money for a starship fares. Before he had even saved up enough for travel, he was introduced to a group of less-reputable types and promised fortune if he tagged along on their star-sweeping excursions.

Mehrk’s moral compass became unbalanced as he journeyed with this group of troubled independents. He got smart eventually and realized what he was to them: an asset. After a brief, trifling beat-down of their leader, the Gungan parted ways unchallenged on Malastare and earned himself a reputation as a ‘rectifier’ of private disputes, shaking down people who had stolen from others for a fee.

Either uninterested or ashamed to return to his father, Mehrk hops systems now and offers his services at an enviable rate, though he has not. He is good at what he does, but must not stay too long in one place due to the vengeful nature of his victims--though on occasion, he may save himself the trouble by disposing of his usual policy of letting them live.

Personal tools:
Heirloom E-5 blaster rifle; Electropole; Blissl; brass knuckles; clamping traps; ropes and wires

Fashioning tribal weaponry
Pole vaulting
Spear throwing
Electropole and kickboxing close-quarter combat
Tracking, fishing, and hunting
Snares and trap-setting
Sneaking, creeping, spying
Musical performance
Swift and powerful swimming capabilities