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Mecrossa Protocol


Eater of the Dead
Intent: To fulfill the terms and conditions of the Republics acquisition of The Nihilus-Class Star Dreadnaught, "Acerbitas" [Unique] and the Dzu'ari-Class Star Destroyer, "Dzu'ari" [Unique] and the invasion of Korriban.
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Seinar/Santhe Technologies
Model: Trojan
Affiliation: One Sith
Modularity: None
Production: Unique (only on two ships)
  • Synox gas
  • Circuits
Description: With the empire starting to fall and the dangerous advancement by the Republic, the rise of the Fel Imperium and the sneak attack by the Mandalorians. Then warlord of the Empire Krag who named himself Darth Volcanus formulated a plan. If the empire was going to fall then it would be a large scale final battle filled with blood and destruction. The massive Dreadnaught the Acerbatis was brought to Korriban with full crew, all of its systems at the ready plus an additional thing that the Dzu'ari was receiving as well. A program buried deep in the ships that would be protected save full gutting and purging.

A program and a mixture of poison designed, weighted and set up to cover the entire ship in a poison gas once the correct code was input. Only himself, Balaya and Kaine would know the code as it was part of their little pact and group that secured objects of the sith and secreted them away to Kaine's hidden fortress vault. A standard copy was in the sith databanks on Korriban that Balaya downloaded and destroyed for the data to ensure there wasn't a trace should the ships fall into the enemies hands. She then fled Korriban with her apprentice as it was falling and joined her master Kaine with the One and true sith bringing the codes to retake their strongest ships when the time came.

War Hydra

King of Monsters
I can't see any way in which this is not meta gaming. If the Sith wanted to keep their toys, they should have banded together to stay a major faction. Had this been submitted before the invasion of Korriban began, I'd approve it. As it is, by the time this submission would be usable in a roleplay the ships would belong to the Republic and be out of your power to modify.