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Mechis III: Project Rustyard

Macharius Solaire

Location: Mechis III
Mission: Restore Shipyards
Operations Lead: Denon Stahl Arms


Several dozen cargo ships dropped out of orbit to Mechis III. Solaire's first attempt of taking the shipyards only active space elevator hadn't gone too well. That whole droid rising nonsense and The Alliance coming in to put it down had scrapped the whole thing. Now that the rust dust had settled he was going to try again. This time without needing to resort to fighting and mercenaries. His ships were packed with engineers, workers, supplies and manufacturing equipment that would be necessary for the necessary initial repairs.

The convoy's designated lead opened up a hail to the Alliance on board the station. "Com Control this is Denon Convoy PX-1; here to begin repair work to the Mechyards. Requesting permission to dock at Alpha. Please respond."

Com responded. "Affirmative PX-1. Transmit clearance codes and await approval."

"Rodger. Transmitting codes now." The lead signaled to his subordinate to send the requested data. Solaire stood patiently by as the administrative work was being sorted out. Minutes ticked by as they burned money just sitting here. Com Control probably didn't care about that though.

"PX-1 you have permission to dock at Alpha. Follow the vector we sent you and prepare for docking procedure."

"Rodger Com Control. Making our way in."


Docking went smoothly for the convoy. The smaller craft headed in past the shielding to the hanger while the bulk carriers had to latch on to ports to unload their cargo. While the grunts handled, well, the grunt work. Solaire was going to greet the Alliance person in charge and get their operations control room set up so they could begin repairs.

Macharius Solaire

Macharius descended the ramp of his transport to the hanger deck. Taking in the surroundings and judging what needed to change. Others of the mission disembarked and began unloading computer equipment and other necessary logistical items. At the far end of the vast room he could see three men approaching him. Some rank of officer and two soldiers bringing up his flank. Mach presumed this to be the garrison commander and walked towards to meet them half way.

As they set close upon one another the man extended his hand to greet him. "You must be Prime Minister Solaire if I am correct. Heading up restoration work on this hulk?"

His hand reached out and the two shook hands. "Indeed, uhhm." Mach looked to his insignia as he didn't get a name. Noting he was a Captain, or should be. "Captain if I interpreted your insignia right."

"Quite so sir. Captain Tremis. Welcome to Alpha. Follow me and I'll take you to the ops room to get a look at the layout so you can set up shop." Tremis gestured for him to follow.

"A moment Captain." Solaire commed back to his men to inform them he was leaving for a bit. "This is Solaire. Continue unload operations and preparatory work. I'm headed with this stations commander to get a layout. Tell uhh, Samus and Koohrip to grab their sensor kits for a walk around once I get you the data. Solaire out. Alright, after you Captain"

"This way." The four took off for the blast door Tremis had come from. One of four which seal off the hanger should any unfortunate mishap occur. It opened before they reached it. Tremis was playing about with his data pad so it was his doing most likely. "You came at a good time Sir. Though we could have wished someone started this place back up before we came in. What with the war and all. Another shipyard of this caliber pumping out capital ships sure would tip the scales of war in our favor."

"I suppose it would help the effort Captain. And I wouldn't mind your nations capital for building them for you. Unfortunately it's going to take months of work to bring up even the first section to an operational status. Provided everything is done on schedule as we've planned. Other things will need to be accomplished soon but I hope to have in a year corvettes and frigates being built." Mach put an optimistic tone to his words. They'd better the Captains disposition to him. The arms dealer in his own mind wasn't so sure about it. It depended on getting more capital investment latter on. Getting a droid manufacturer below to make him units to supply the workforce. And the political landscape and the course of the many wars could all effect the project. Macharius had a will to see it through to whatever end though. Good or bad.

Macharius Solaire

Captain Tremis and Macharius arrived at the operations room. A few other GA military personal were manning some terminals. That out to be said loosely. They were layabouts at the job and he could tell. If these were the Omega days there wouldn't be such issues. Mach summarized though it was a failure in the Captain. Coupled with being so far behind the war front to think there wasn't even one going on. It was a cushy gig just monitoring a space elevator if one found was to cope with the tedious task. It wouldn't be a problem for long. Once this station was privatized fully they'd be shipped out to another task by their command. "Captain, please show me the station layout. Might as well get to business right away."

"Certainly Minister. It's this terminal over here." The officer walked over to some slightly roughed up computer and began tapping away at the keys. The condition worried Solaire. It wasn't some hundreds of year old tech that would be found around here. It was brought in when the GA moved in telling by the style of it. Suspect. Mach didn't want to crowbar an answer out of the Captain though maybe someone else would know why.

Macharius Solaire

Macharius had let the Captain go for now. Mulling over the stations plans to try and figure out where best to begin. Really there were two three places to headquarter themselves for now. One was the room he was in. Which was out of the question what with the Alliance occupying it. There was a large room only a short distance from the hanger. It was labeled as a storage room on these drawing but he'd have to see it in person to know for sure if it was viable. The third room was pretty far away from them. It was the old local administrative hub but had been damaged in the recent fighting aboard. Or so this terminal told him. This would be ideal to run things from. Again he'd have to have it looked at. Which reminded the old man to comm back to the sensor team he wanted. "Samus, Koohrip. Do you read, over?"

Samus replied in a feminine tone. "Rodger sir. We're ready to head out."

"Excellent. I want you to go to the old administrative hub. Might be damaged. Find out if it would be suitable for our command post. I'll send you the layout with a marker to go to. Standby." Mach hooked up a datapad to the terminal and downloaded the layout. Now on his own device he planted a marker for the room his scouts would check out. It was quite far away for one to leg it to. This station would have trams, until they were fixed they'd just have to get used to extra cardio. "Right, data sent. Can you confirm?"

"Rodger sir. Downloading now. Download complete. We'll head over and see whats what. Over".

"Alright. Report back once you get there to me. And stay in contact with the group on the regular. Macharious over and out". With that getting itself taken care of and a million and one other things that needed to be done. Mach slipped his data pad back in a pocket. Perhaps he'd go check out that storage room himself. There may be a lot to do but everything came in steps.

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