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Mazarr's arm

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Intent: To shed some light on Mazarr's right arm
Development Thread: A past thread would be the Dev thread if it's needed at all
Manufacturer: Mazarr
Model: "Bionic Arm"
Affiliation: Mazarr
Modularity: Yes, but it all depends on what Mazarr wants to do with it
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel
Description: Mazarr made this arm in 834 ABY after trying to heal someone with The Force using his entire arm as a conduit of power for it, but the right arm grew weaker than normal afterwards and Mazarr wound up getting that arm cut off in a duel. He has had this arm for 3 years, but there are more costs than you think. Mazarr cannot use this arm as a conduit as it's not living tissue, it's all Durasteel. The arm weighs 2 and a half kilograms as it's made of metal now, but due to having it for a long period of time, Mazarr grown used to it's weight.
Classification: Right Arm
Size: A full arm (one handed)
Length: Arm length
Weight: 2.5kg (feels much lighter to him after 3 years of growing used to the weight)
Other Features: It's an arm that can be modified to spring a dagger from the wrist