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Maxwell Boudon

[SIZE=11pt][Personnel File Located…][/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt][Clearance Confirmed…][/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt][File Loaded.][/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]NAME: [/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]Maxwell Boudon.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]RANK: [/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]SEX: [/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]AGE: [/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]House Martilis Army, various intergalactic mercenary groups, however most notably the Aglorian Army Special Forces.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]255 lbs.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]Dirty Blonde.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]Various scars.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=11pt]-Tactical Genius.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]-Blaster Expert.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]-Lacking hand-to-hand Expertise.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]-Muddy Allegiances.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]Maxwell Boudon was born just outside of Dunsback, to a father who was a farmer, and a mother who was a storekeep in the city. The combined income of these two was rather limited, which led to the enlistment of Maxwell as early as the state allowed. The subsequent pay and benefits aided his ailing family almost immediately. [/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]Boudon rose quickly in the ranks, showing his prowess in warfare early on. After four short years, Boudon had reached the rank of First Sergeant in the Martilis Army. This quick ascension did not go unnoticed, and Boudon spent only four months as a First Sergeant before the Aglorian Army Special Forces plucked him from his post and seasoned him further.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]Maxwell Boudon retained his rank upon entering the A.A.S.F. His first operation with the A.A.S.F. was [REDACTED]. Sergeant Boudon showed great heroism when he saved [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] from death. This deed warranted an immediate commission to First Lieutenant from the King himself, bypassing two ranks typically required before reaching First Lieutenant. [/SIZE]​

[SIZE=11pt]The then Lieutenant Boudon continued his service with The A.A.S.F. for another year, and earned another promotion to Captain as well. Boudon decided to finish out his contract after a disagreement led to the beginning of a rivalry with a commanding officer. Deciding no further advancement would be possible while this commanding officer stuck around, Boudon left. After drifting and exploring for a short while, Boudon found the means to work as an expert contractor working for whoever would pay him.[/SIZE]​