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Master? Master? Echani Jedi Knight looking for a Master

Live in Light, Surf Master
Echani Jedi Knight, looking for a faction & Master to help train him toward Mastership. Manu's a battle-tested lightsaber duelist (Ataru & Soresu), with a concentration on Force Powers & healing, looking to get some training in more abilities & go on some missions.

Any Masters think a formerly Light/Dark conflicted Jedi Knight could be the best fit for them?
Live in Light, Surf Master
@[member="Kai Xyn Dependus"] Where's a good place for your Master and my Knight to meet? Where does Kai call home?
@[member="Daxton Bane"] what's Daxton Bane like? :D

Qhorin Solas

@[member="Daxton Bane"] is a dashing, dangerous, devious dabster who dabbles in the darkside and demands dances from dainty dames.

Daxton Bane

Depends on who you ask. For the most part, he is a Force user with a known reputation as innovative duelist, and a ladies man. A shrewd political beast, he is equally at home on the battlefield and the negotiation table.

He is a stern taskmaster who could wring every last ounce from you, but in the end you will be stronger and more capable for it. He doesn't play fair nor answers to any laws save his own.

He is the Wayfinder among the Seekers and can usually be found on Roon, among the Templars.


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