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Mason Liddell

Mason Liddell


NAME: Mason Liddell
FACTION: #soon
RANK: Sith Apprentice
AGE: 102
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 145lbs
EYES: Light Brown
HAIR: Dark Brown


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Military History: Serving before in several formations of the Sith Empire, Madison fought as a foot soldier, primarily a sniper. Hand to hand combat along with a talent for marksmanship helped her move through the ranks quickly.

Dark Side: Several years under her belt, her long life has allowed her to study and learn to control the dark side of the force in the areas she preferred, still not fully enough to be considered a master, she requires formal training. (Telekinesis, Saber Combat, Force Drain/Life Drain, Spears of Midnight black)

Bloodlust: Because she is full K’paur there is no controlling when the animalistic nature rears its ugly head.

Bright Lights: With her low-light vision, she has discovered the inability to be in a brightly lit room for too long. Sunglasses help, but do not quell the pain.

Scars adorn her body in a very organized fashion, she never talks about them, but it seems as if she is counting something.

Nape of her neck is a deep purple thick rectangular gash, it marks that she is over the age of 100 to other K’paurs


There was nothing special about Madison Liddell. Father served in the Empire, her mother as well. There was little she knew of her extended family along with others just like her. Both of her parents showed well in the Force, but neither had any sort of combat skill with it. They assumed the same with Madison, until she nearly killed a classmate who would shine a flashlight in her face while on the playground. The burning sensation and anger that soon turned into her nearly gouging the boy’s eyes out.

Quickly being taken into the Sith, she was trained and picked up by a master who saw more than just an apprentice within her. Hardworking and wanting to escape the grasp of her Master - deciding that formal training wasn't her calling, she abandoned the soft Sith Master and trained on her own.

With the Fall of the Empire during the Coup of Darth Desimus, Madison exiled herself and worked as a contract assassin for the Cartel around Nar Shadaa. Gaining a ruthless reputation, the woman cost a lot, but her kills were clean. She began to stray from the teachings of the Dark Side depending on the Force only for sense and keeping her alive.

The One Sith, she worked quietly leaving the Cartels seeing that the way of life as a contract assassin was becoming boring. She enlisted once more. Once again, there was a fall with the overzealous nature of the Sith. She escaped retribution and continued to work underground. The Sith Empire formed along with the First Order. Mason never felt a draw to either, so she waited. Whispers drew her attention and she joined a smaller group and now she begins her fun.

With the current Sith Empire, she found them to be too much like the former establishments, seeing that they too would eventually fall like the others. Finding a new home was tiresome, so she joined with a zealous Sith Lord and his group, the Jen'ari. There she decided to give into the call for apprenticeship and became Arlen Rossi's student. Madison saw the woman as a challenge and desired to learn - only to hopefully destroy her in the end. The never ending cycle of the Sith.
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