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Marvik Dathu

The Black Flame


Name: Marvik Dathu

Faction: None

Rank: Alor of Clan Dathu

Species: Human
  • Mandalorian Birth
Age: 36

Sex: Male

Height: 6'0 ft

Weight: 180lbs

Eyes: Grey/Blue

Hair: Black

Skin: Caucasian/Fair

Force Sensitive: No

Voice: Sample (Eres III Mandalorian Accent)



  • Tra'cyar'ivi: To shoot with speed (gunslinging as its known in basic) is a pride and badge of honor for Clan Dathu and for Marvik especially. With the assistance of specially made quick draw holsters and magnetic gun grips, Marvik is renowned for the speed of his draw - often drawing and firing before the target realizes they got on his bad side.
  • Kebrik'johaa'ir: Marvik has a way with words - even if they are sometimes brash. His mannerisms, attitude, and charm would lead some to call him a smooth talker and others to call him an nerf herder. It's all a matter of perspective.
  • Tracy'uur'redal: The gun dance is much less poetic than its name would have you believe. A Mandalorian combat form created by Clan Dathu when they were but hopefuls wishing to join Ultimate's Crusade, tracy'uur'redal mixes quick, violent martial arts with the use of pistols, knives and other short weapons.
  • Mayen'besbe'trayce: "Anything Weapon" is just the Mandalorian way of saying that one is good at improvising. Not just with weapons but with gear, armor and in general. From gadgets to chairs, Marvik can find some way to make it all work.


  • Shev'jorad: Marvik, though he can speak well, sometimes speaks too much...or when he shouldn't speak...his mouth can get him in just as much trouble as it can get him out of and thus it is both blessing and curse.
  • Haryc b'aalyc: Marvik doesn't trust psychologists, psychiatrists or any variation of the two. Instead, he opts to drink, sleep, gamble and fight his demons away. If there is a vice out there he can partake in, most likely he has or soon will.
  • Laandur: So you want a freighter moved from the path of the squad? Want someone to tackle that wookiee? Need to beat a trandoshan in an arm wrestling contest? Look no further, because Marvik can probably find you a guy. He, however, is just as strong as he needs to be to punctuate on his quick-fighting combat style and while fit - he pales in comparison to the stronger among us.
  • Solus'kurs'kaded: A lone fang of the forest (lone wolf) is taken to the extreme with Marvik. Not only on missions but in general, he tends to want to work alone even if the odds make it stupidly ignorant to do so.




Like all Mandalorians, Marvik is a combatant and keeps his body in fighting shape through the frequent use of his combat skills. While some prefer to build upon mostly their physical strength, Marvik has opted to keep a healthy balance of cardio and weight lifting proficiency. This focus has given him a lean, athletic physique that keeps him fast and mobile with efficient ability to deliver powerful strikes and lift objects heavier than himself.

Physique aside, Marvik dresses and grooms casually. His hair is trimmed to male mid-length and his beard is kept at a light stubble, accenting his sharp jaw in a layer of thin black. With so much dark hair surrounding them, his grey-blue eyes become the focal point of his face and are generally the most distinguished feature about him when others are asked to describe him. His attire, when not on a mission, generally pertains of tactical or workman's cargo pants, complemented by simple T-shirts, boots and overcoat.


Marvik has never been one to overly decorate and this extends to tattoos. There has to be a strong, deeply rooted meaning for him to take the time out of his day to go under the needle, paint his armor or sow a patch. This is why he has few tattoos - but what he does have has significant meaning to him and/or his clan.

The first tattoo he received was the Chakaar'kurshi'Kyr'bes (The Skull of the Theif's Tree) on his chest, over his heart and sprawls from start of shoulder to the beginning of right peck and from upper chest to upper stomach. The skull is a Clan Dathu symbol that dates back to Alor Evala Dathu during the reign of Mand'alor the Preserver. After years of peace away from the other clans, the Dathu Clan was not ready to accept the rule of a new Mandalor after the events of the Mandalorian wars. After initial contact was ignored, Preserver personally traveled to Eres III and demanded the knee or be prepared to fight.

Evala responded with what would become the Clan's motto, "Hawks do not kneel, Canderous, we cull the prey."

This would lead to the short-lived Dathu war against the bulk of the Mandalorian Clans, where the Clan would meet their Alor under the Thief's Tree, where the clan hung criminals, and she gave a speech saying "This tree may be our grave after this is over, but we will hang knowing we did not bow to traitors"

The war would last one battle where the clans met on the fields of Eres III and Evala was struck down by Canderous in an honor duel - bringing Dathu back into the fold of the clans. The skull was made to mimic the branches of the tree and is given as a symbol of honor to those who are brave enough to (justly) defy the Mand'alor.

The Second Tattoo he possesses is in honor of his brother and is of an Eres Hawk shrieking atop the branch of the Chakaar'kurshi - which is itself surrounded in a flurry of leaves kicked up by the hawk's wings - and it sprawls across his back from the bottom of neck to just above the waist.


Marvik's Mandalorian Armor is a bit light and sparing on the armored plating, for many reasons that are generally summed up by the man himself as such, "Well, they weren't essential". The entire torso set - excluding the chest - and several arms, leg and thigh pieces have been removed and melted down by Marvik to repair the never-fired Mythosaur rifle of his clan and forge seven bullets for use with it.

This allows him high levels of movement speed and flexibility, his missing armor being supplemented by far lighter metals or material and in some cases replaced for more gadgets. The customization doesn't stop there though, as he has painted and decorated the armor as it traditional within the culture of the Mandalorians.

Black has become the center point of his color pallet and is a common color among the Dathu Clan. For Marvik personally, the black symbolizes justice in two significant senses. First, it signifies justice within the clan and holding oneself to the justice as Clan Dathu interprets it rather than blindly following the common theme of the day in the clans. Second, it symbolizes the willingness to be the sword that passes clan judgment - willing to forever wound oneself in name of the clan traditions.

To capitalize on that second meaning, he has embroidered his armored scarf with a Dava'ram - a card-shaped marker which inside rests a mythosaur skull, the word Tor'gaan (Just Hand) and the markers of the executioners choice to keep recorded the memory of Mandalorians (or Dar'Manda) they have executed. This is done as those who take upon themselves the sole duty of executing individuals of the people, or formerly-so, see the executions as trials and strengthening of both the people and the individual's soul. To forget those you execute is to forget the lesson behind every death.

Marvik uses small circles with the initials of the executed within it - he has only two circles with the Mandalorian written equivalent of M.D and L.D. Grey is the second most prevalent color and represents the loss of his brother and other close friends, both living and dead. Finally, blue which he sees as his symbol of reliance, but has chosen to only decorate with it in small amounts as he sees himself as truly reliable to only Dathu.


Early Childhood - Pre Trials

Marvik was born in the Udesla'pitat homestead of the Dathu clan on Eres III to Talas Dathu, the brother of Alor Tavis Dathu. The oldest of two brothers, Marvik was the first blood child between Tavis and Talas as the Alor had been born infertile and thus had but one adopted daughter. Though not truly of importance in Mandalorian culture, Talas took pride in his blood all the same and raised him alongside his cousin, Latia Dathu and later his younger brother Marik Dathu.

The trio grew up as any ordinary children of the Dathu Clan would, Marvik taking the lead and teaching the two younger children when the lessons of the parents were not able to pierce the notoriously thick skulls. Five years senior, Marvik often found himself too busy preparing for the trials of Mandalorian adulthood to always train with Latia and Marik. The two younger halves, however, fell quickly into each other's habits and Marvik watched as the two formed a love interest under the noses of their fathers.

Marvik said nothing, however, as he was only happy to see they were learning well from each other and made each other happier for it. Though slightly taboo, the relationship could be acceptable by Mandalorian standards and Marvik did not wish to see the two separated if the elders did not see eye-to-eye with him.

So he stayed quiet and proceeded with his training. He learned of the history of the ancient Dathu's and how their old homestead was abandoned at the order of Mand'alor the Preserver to centralize the clan on Manda'yaim. The clan would later return and ornate the tree of rebellion in the names of the fallen and decorate it with treasures taken from plunder and raids.

When the trials finally came, he was subjected to the rites of passage laid out by Dathu tradition. The Thief's tree was no longer a center of Dathu clan life as it once was, surrounded by the largest Dathu homestead. It was now a privilege to bear witness to it and the names carved into its stump and one that had to be earned.

Given only the necessities of survival and a small blaster, Marvik set out with stories of the tree's grandeur in his heart and the drive to become an adult fueling his body. He ran out of foodstuffs on the third day into the forest that now grew around the ancient, original home of Dathu where the tree sat. For another two weeks he would cross miles of wilderness, bandits and wild animals to reach the ancient ruins of the Dathu homestead.

He marched through the village as many had before him and threw the doors to the tree's sanctum open. He found only ash and a preserved hole in the center of a tattered old room. Confused, lost and broken he searched the village for the no avail. Broken and lost he waited in the sanctum as he was told to do at the beginning of the trail until his father arrived.

When he did, Marvik asked him where the tree was and if it wasn't there why would they lie to all of them about it?

"Because, Marvik" his father explained, "what was once given can be taken away in an instant. Legend, glory, life. A man can promise you wonder today and bring you ash tomorrow - this is the lesson of this trial. Glory does not come from what one promises you or gives you, it comes from the actions you take and the glory you find in them yourself."

Early Life - Post Trials

After the trials, Marvik was allowed to leave the homestead and Eres III at his own leisure. He did so with near reckless abandon, taking a group of his childhood friends and a clan-ship to do what Dathu is known best for - mercenary work and bounty hunting. A trend of frequent outings and shortstops at home began with Marvik for years - speaking to family mainly only over holocomm.

All the while his brother and Latia grew closer to each other and more distant with their fathers as their training progress declined without Marvik's influence.

While he was out on his adventures he mainly conducted mercenary work for legitimate governments and took bounties posted by both the criminal underworld and galactic government. He would eventually settle down on Corellia for five years after finding steady work with a criminal syndicate on the world - only leaving twice to return home - once when his brother failed the trials and again when he passed.

His run with the infamous Stargo Eclipse Syndicate included mainly enforcer work that involved only minimal killing for exorbitant pay - but he would leave permanently and abruptly when news reached him of his father's the hands of his brother and Latia.

Late Life - The Executioner

Marvik returned home to a mourning clan and a fractured family, split between the old and the young. The young friends of Latia and Marik supported his now taken claim as alor of Dathu while the older warriors called him a pretender. Marvik, angry and confused questioned his brother who lied through his teeth. But as Marvik's anger grew more apparent at the obvious lie that he had taken the alorship through merit alone, Marik broke down and told him the truth.

While Marvik was away, Marik and Latia's relationship had been found out by Latia's father. The Alor threatened to have them expelled as dar'manda and in their fear, they jointly slew the man. Marik and Latia tried to cover it up by claiming it was an honor duel and that Marik now sat as alor...but the man had been shot in the back as well as stabbed in the chest and the couple's weapons were consistent with those wounds.

Marvik's father then demanded his son stepdown. Latia egged Marik on who then refused and during the honor duel, slew his father. Marik tried to stem Marvik's anger, telling him that he could have the alorship if he wanted, that he would abdicate as long as Marvik left him and Latia to their devices. Marvik declined and, furious, stormed from the Alor's stead and told the story for all to hear.

The old of the clan quickly rallied behind him, while the young stood beside Marik. In anger, Marvik declared himself Alor of Dathu and swore the oath of the Dathu Executioners - proclaiming his brother and Latia dar'manda and sentencing them to a trial of combat. Marik did not want to fight his brother, but to protect Latia he would.

The two drew their blades and as the storms of Eres III came down upon them, they fought before a cheering crowd. The blades cracked as lightning tore the sky, the crowd became a circle of constant, faded noise against the backdrop of thunder and rain. Then the final blow was struck, Marvik's sword carving away the shoulder and lower neck of his younger brother.

Dead in seconds, Marik fell to the mud and Latia fell to knees with him. Marvik demanded she stand for her trial, his heart too full of rage to mourn. She refused...and so he sentenced her to die and carried out her sentence on the spot with his own sword. The crowd was silent then...

He would go on to declare all followers of his brother dar'manda that day - then carry on to mourn every day since.
The Black Flame
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