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Martin CZ Mk 2 007

Martin CZ Mk 2 007

Character sheet

NAME: Martin CZ Mk 2 007
Nick name: Lucky
FACTION: Galactic Empire
RANK: Sergeant
AGE: 23
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 270 pounds
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Dirty blonde
SKIN: Black

• Explosives, being trained as a storm trooper Sapper. Martin has lots of experience dealing with bombs (Pretty easy to see how he's going to die)

•Augmentation, Zach has been through project pantheon and has beat the odds to become a Czar fit with all the augmentations and packages that come with it.

• Caring, being a sergeant Martin's job is to look out after his men. Sometimes it puts him in the line of fire and he will do anything to make sure they get home alive. Even if he doesn't

• Bio weapons and illnesses


BIOGRAPHY: Born to a noble family in Atrisian space Zachary Martin joined the imperial military at age 18 working his way up in the ranks until he hit sergeant. Earning his rank was the second proudest moment of his life, the first being marrying his wife and the birth of his son. It wasn't the greatest line if work having him be away for long times from his family on Atrisia. But he did it for them and took pride in his work being trained as a combat engineer in the storm trooper corps.

Though having enough with the time away from his family Zachary had to find a way to spend more time with them. That's even word came around in his section that they were looking for recruits for a new program that required you to stay on Atrisia for over seven months undergoing experiments. Signing up he had no idea what he had got himself into, he was morphed and changed into the ultimate warrior. Through the grueling training the only thing that kept him sane and have him push through it was the thought of his son and wife, now he stands a czar ready to fight and die for the empire.

SHIP: None